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Friday, June 28, 2019

SuperMatte Carbon Black Teju Lizard for Rolex Sea Dweller 126600

(Click on any photo to enlarge)

Hi strap lovers,  Today's feature is a strap that I made for my good customer Vivian's Rolex Sea Dweller 126600.  Upon its completion, I had the good fortune to have another customer's watch in the shop for a strap build and was able to take some photos showing the excellent fitment (A Big Thank You to Stephan of allowing me to use his watch as a model for these photos!).   This strap made from our SuperMatte Carbon Black Teju Lizard with padding at the lugs and our 'Thick Curved Lug System' (TCLS), which provides the strap with an integrated fit between the lugs. The SuperMatte Carbon Black Teju Lizard is a material that we developed a few years ago in collaboration with our Italian tanners base upon the success of our Alligator of the same finish and has quickly become one of our most in-demand strap materials.  This strap is paired with a custom blended deep red edge paint, accent stitching at the lugs and Dino Red Kidskin lining to match the deep red 'SEA-DWELLER' printed on the dial.  All in all, I think this strap is just about the perfect combination for this watch.

This strap has been made to pair with our aftermarket (unbranded) Omega style deployant clasp which I love because on the wrist it shows very little metal and since the long side strap tip tucks to the inside of the wrist,  this strap requires no keeper loops, resulting in a very streamlined look.

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Grand Seiko SBGA211 Snowflake on Stingray Strap

Hi strap lovers, Here are a few photos sent by my good customer Stelios of his Grand Seiko SBGA211. I have made a number of straps for this spectacular looking watch. If you are not familiar with the Seiko Grand, as a watch fan, you should really check them outs. The fit and finish are world class and the movement engineering and finish are truly second to none. The SBGA211 'Snowflake' is a beautifully executed watch with an incredible white texture dial that looks for all the world like freshly fallen snow - hence the name (not officially the name for the watch, but given this name by watch fans and collectors). Deserving of a beautiful customize strap, I think this polished (high shine finish), high contrast black Stingray with central pearls and cream white accent stitching pairs wonderfully.  

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

SuperMatte Carbon Black Teju Lizard for Rolex Master GMT BLNR (Batman)

Hi strap lovers.  I've been a bit overwhelmed with great photos from customers so much so that I find it difficult to post them all up in a timely manner.  However, these photos from my good customer Mathieu, being so great, I couldn't resist posting them up right away.  This strap was made for his great looking Rolex GMT Master II 126710BLNR, which is watch collecting circles is simply know as the Rolex 'Batman', which give the color theme of the ceramic bezel is entirely self-explanatory.  This one is without question my favorite GMT Master II version, as I think the blue and black bezel makes for an exceedingly striking combination.  Mathieu ordered this strap on the occasion of the birth of his daughter 'Alice' and upon his request, I stamped her name into the lining of the strap.  Congratulations to Mathieu and his Wife on the arrival of new baby Alice!

The strap is made from our SuperMatte Carbon Black Teju Lizard and features padding at the lugs and out 'Thick Curved Lug System' (TCLS) upgrades to provide an integrated fit between the lugs.  Stitching in black with Light Royal blue accent stitching at the lugs and painted with Royal Blue edge paint to match the blue of the bezel, I think this strap looks very special with this strap indeed.  Finally, this strap was lined with our Blue SuperMatte Teju Lizard, which is both soft on the wrist, very durable and well as looking very cool.  Mathieu's GMT is certainly my 'Watch of the Week'.

Saturday, May 11, 2019

New Material: 'Vintage Dakar' Teju Lizard

Hi strap lovers, I wanted to share the latest material we recently received from our Italian suppliers.  We call this color/finish 'Vintage Dakar'.  It's a wonderful vintage brown with tan highlights and I think it will make fabulous straps.  The finish is a great semi-matte with just a tiny bit of shine - which I think is perfect for watch straps.  The end result will be a wonderfully rugged look that I think will look great with just about any watch. As you can see in these photos, the color of these hides also varies a bit between more brown and more rust color.

 I only have 10 of these hides, so perhaps enough for 20 straps, so if you like what you see, please don't hesitate to order right away because I think these will go fast!

You can see all our in-stock Teju Lizard colors and finishes here: Dangerous9strap Teju Lizard Skins

Saturday, May 4, 2019

'Million Dollar Black' Alligator for Rolex Sea Dweller with Integrated Fit and Glide-Lock Clasp

(Click on any photo to enlarge)

Hi strap lovers.  I want to share a strap that I've just completed for the recently released Rolex Sea Dweller 126600. This strap was made from Ebony Alligator. I have dubbed this our 'Million Dollar Black' Alligator because every strap I've made from this looks like a million dollars. This strap also features padding at the lugs and our exclusive 'Thick Curved Lug System' (TCLS), which provides an integrated fit between the lugs.  This strap also has been built to fit the Rolex OEM bracelet Glide-Lock Clasp.   I just love the Glide-Lock clasp and think building the strap to fit this clasp is well worth the modest price of this upgrade (actually the same cost of a new aftermarket deployment clap we offer). This strap is lined with our black motorcycle Kangaroo leather for which is just butter soft and one of our most durable lining option and has been hand saddle stitched in matching black to add an understated appeal. Taken together, I think this strap offers a uniquely custom strap for the Rolex that just can't be beat.

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Max's Omega Planet Ocean on Commando Grey SuperMatte Teju Lizard with Integrated Fit

Hi strap lovers.  Straps for the Omega Planet Ocean model watches have become a staple for us in the last few years.  The fun thing about making straps for this model is that while the typical build architecture is the same, the materials and colors can typically be keyed to the watch in such a way as to really offer a super custom uniquely custom look.  Case in point is Max's Titanium 45.5mm Omega Planet Ocean in blue.  This is a great looking watch and very worthy of a special strap.  Made from our Commando Grey SuperMatte Teju Lizard, the color is an ideal match to the Titanium watch case.  Combined with our SuperExotica upgrade - here featuring True Blue french Milled linen thread (superfine hand saddle stitched of course) and blue Sharkskin lining (the color, not the species), the color combination is really what Omega should have offered with this watch. 

This final details here are padding at the lugs which adds some great bulk to the strap to balance this very substantial watch and our unique 'Thick Curved Lug System' (TCLS) upgrade, which provides an integrated fit between the lugs.  I think you will agree that this strap is about the perfect combination for this wonderful blue and Titanium Planet Ocean.  Max's will certainly be our 'Watch of the Week'