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Sunday, June 23, 2019

Grand Seiko SBGA211 Snowflake on Stingray Strap

Hi strap lovers, Here are a few photos sent by my good customer Stelios of his Grand Seiko SBGA211. I have made a number of straps for this spectacular looking watch. If you are not familiar with the Seiko Grand, as a watch fan, you should really check them outs. The fit and finish are world class and the movement engineering and finish are truly second to none. The SBGA211 'Snowflake' is a beautifully executed watch with an incredible white texture dial that looks for all the world like freshly fallen snow - hence the name (not officially the name for the watch, but given this name by watch fans and collectors). Deserving of a beautiful customize strap, I think this polished (high shine finish), high contrast black Stingray with central pearls and cream white accent stitching pairs wonderfully.  

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