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Friday, April 26, 2019

Strap in Matte Finished Army Green Stingray for Ressence Type 5 DLS Diver

Hi strap lovers.  Here is a strap, which I had made more exactly a year ago for a local customer Benjamin's Black DLC Ressence Type 5 Diver.  These watches are truly spectacular to look at and when I had first seen them several years ago at Munich Time, I was bowled over by the curved Saffire and oil filled presentation.  It looks for all the world that the hands are floating on top of the glass. Or more accurately, that there is no glass at all and if you touch it that you'll actually be touching the dial and hands.

In any case, this awesome diver with its black case is a study in minimalism and does have a military feel about it and so this matte finish Army Green Stingray just works in furtherance of that impression.  I think its a really great pairing and together with the super soft and extremely durable SuperMatte Teju Lizard lining, while also keeping with the paired down theme of this strap, also offers a subtle luxury that only a bespoke strap can offer.  One thing to note for the type 5, have extremely short lugs, curved lugs and spring bars are a requirement for this watch, which necessitates a custom strap.   Benjamin's is certainly our 'Watch of the Week'

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