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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Deep Atlantic Blue SuperMatte Ostrich Leg

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Hi strap lovers. I am often asked by my great customers to let them know what is my latest and most exciting material. Currently, our most unique new exotics is our Deep Atlantic Blue Ostrich Leg (certainly the one I'm most excited about). I've always been a big fan of Ostrich Legs and or our SuperMatte finish and had been looking for a supplier who could make these for a few years and finally struck gold on our visit to Lineapelle Leather trade fair in Milan this past spring. Our newest exotics supplies have been very accommodating with us and having been impressed with our first order of this finish in Carbon Black, we provided a color swatch in blue, which they used to make this custom blue color. My goal with this blue was to have a dark, pure blue with no red tones and also, not so dark that it could ever be mistaken for black (as something is the case with many Navy blues). I think the results are superb:

The strap shown here was made up for my great custom Audie for his PAM 364 Luminor Submersible and features padding at the lugs as well as our 'Thick Curved Lug System' upgrade, which provides an integrated fit between the lugs.  Also featured here are contracting keeper loops made from our SuperMatte Carbon Black Ostrich leg skin and lining made from SuperMatte Commando Grey Teju Lizard and was stitched with medium gauge Steel Grey linen.  I think these straps turned out extraordinarily will and hope to see some photos of this beauty on Audie's PAM364 very soon.

I am looking forward to building many for straps from the wonderful material.  If you think our new and exclusive SuperMatte Ostrich Leg in Deep Atlantic Blue would be a great material for your custom strap project, please contact me.  I would be very pleased to work with you on a design.