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Sunday, June 3, 2018

THIS JUST IN: SuperMatte Ostrich Leg skin in Carbon Black and Deep Atlantic Blue!!

(Click on any photo to enlarge)
I have been hunting a tannery for years now who could duplicate our extremely successful SuperMatte finish in Ostrich Leg skin and we have finally struck gold!  This new Italian based tannery specializes in Ostrich Leg and Python leather and is capable of extremely fine finishes as you can see by the attached photos.  When we approached them at Lineapelle Leather tradeshow in Milan this past spring, about making some Ostrich Leg in a SuperMatte finish, they assured us that they could produce them for us in any color we desired and in virtually (for us) unlimited quantities.  Having received these results, I am absolutely blown away!!  These hides are bespoke tanned to our specifications, so these are finishes that are exclusive to Dangerous9straps and there for exclusive to our customers!

Flawless skins: 
Due to the nature of the SuperMatte finish, the skins used must be essentially flawless, as any imperfection or flaw in the surface of the leather will be amplified when finished in SuperMatte.  As a result, these Ostrich Leg skins are quite an expensive proposition.  We, however, think that our customers will find that extra expense worth it. 

Carbon Black:
The SuperMatte Carbon black is perfectly finished deep black with not a hint of shine and a beautiful hand that is wonderfully tactile.  This is the same finish that I so love that we offer in both Alligator and Teju Lizard. 

Deep Atlantic Blue: 
The Deep Atlantic Blue SuperMatte shares the same gorgeous finish as the Carbon Black, but in a deep blue that while dark will not be mistaken for Black and has not a hint of red, which is an issue I have with many Navy Blues - sometimes they are so dark, they can be mistaken in some light for black and sometimes, they show a hint of red or purple which I don't like at all.  No, Andrea and I searched for weeks for just the right color to provide a sample and having provided it, our tannery matched it perfectly!  Needless to say, I could not be happier. 

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