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If you would like to purchase any of the straps you see here or if you would like me to build a custom strap to your exact specification, please don't hesitate to e-mail me. I would be glad to hear from you and would be very happy to work with you to provide you just what you want, built to the highest quality.


I would be happy to speak with you in person on Skype!! Please feel free to look me up at john.glance!! Please reference watches, watch straps or better Dangerous9straps:-)

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Pearl Blue Alligator for Cartier Tank Divan Diamonds

Hi strap lovers.  This strap Alligator strap in pearlescent blue looks just stunning on our customer's Cartier Tank Divan Diamonds watch.  With light padding at the lugs and stitched with metallic Silver thread, which just adds to the sparkle of it's case and buckle which features 120 brilliant cut diamonds.  I think it's perfect combination.  Remarkably, this watch, which sports a very wide strap (29mm tapering to a 20mm diamond encrusted buckle), comes with a black Alligator strap, which while dressy, gives this lovely watch a rather severe, dare I say masculine look.  The Paired with this beautiful Baby Blue Alligator with pearlescent finish, it's got a much happier, more feminine look to my eye.  One of things that I love about watches with white dials is that they look amazing with just about any color strap, but being the natural choice here due to this Cartier's Blued Steel hands. 

This Pearlescent Baby Blue Alligator is from a One of a kind hide from our premium France Croco Alligator Collection, (please see the full France Croco Alligator Collection here) as which we still have enough available for several straps, it's going fast, so if you'd like a custom strap made from it, please don't hesitate to contact me. 

Saturday, September 23, 2017

20mm straps in stock from our Handmade Manufacture Collection

Top to Bottom: Black Ostrich, Super Distressed leather, Dirty Denim African Goat, and Incas Tan Kangaroo

From Top to Bottom: Waxy Black Calf, Racing Black Teju Lizard, 'Million Dollar Black' Alligator, Jurassic Black African Goat, and Tourbe Brune Alligator

Hi strap lovers, I am happy to introduce our initial collection of 20mm Dangerous9straps  Manufacture Collection straps for your review.  These straps are built to the highest quality and feature the same high quality materials and build standards as our fully bespoke straps (as at a substantial discount off the price of our our fully bespoke straps and without the long wait times) and in our most requested color combinations.  Including beautiful Calf skins, Kangaroo leathers African Goat leathers, Teju Lizard, Alligator and Ostrich Leg skins combined with the highest quality kidskin and Kangaroo linings and with hand saddle stitching using exclusively French Milled Linen threads.  

We also stock a limited number of 22, 24 and 26mm wide straps as well.  If you are interested in exploring these other offerings or would like complete details and pricing on any of the straps featured here, please e-mail me at Dangerous9straps@gmail.com

Jurassic Black Goat skin from our Safari leather Collection:

Featuring heavily grained and textured Black African Goat leather sourced from heritage British tannery Tusting & Burnett (1938) Ltd. This strap features thick padding at the lugs and is lined with beautiful Classic Tan, Tripon-Monterrey Kidskin leather. And hand saddle stitched with Steel Grey, French Milled, Au Chinois Câblé linen thread. Please note that our products are specifically made to order and will typically be shipped out within 2 weeks of sale.

This strap, like all our straps for 20mm strap will be fitted with high quality Spring bars for no additional cost and for a small premium can be fitted with quick Release spring bars as well, which allows for easier tool free switching of straps.

Satin Black Ostrich Leg skin: 

If American Alligator is the King of exotic leathers then to my mind, Ostrich Leg skin is surely Queen. Ostrich Leg skin is strong, soft and very durable and shows incredible patterning with large scales and small grain pebbling, which results in a unique and visually compelling strap. Our satin black Ostrich leg skin has just the right amount of shine to give the strap a beautiful dressier appearance. Designed specifically for Rolex watches, this strap features thick padding at the lugs, is lined with beautiful Tripon-Monterrey Kidskin leather in Classic Tan and is hand saddle stitched with Steel Grey, French Milled, Au Chinois Câblé linen thread. Please note that our products are specifically made to order and will typically be shipped out within 2 weeks of sale.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Watch and Strap Travel Rolls Have Arrived in 9 Beautiful Color Combinations!!

Hi Strap Lovers!  I am very happy to announce the arrival of the Dangerous9straps Watch and Strap Travel Roll.  Designed in house These Travel Rolls are featured in 9 wonderful full leather combinations with beautiful leathers on the outside and with soft and supple suede leather interiors.  These straps all feature great natural vegetable tanned saddle leather strap and solid brass buckles.  These Watch and Strap Travel Rolls are designed by me and wonderfully handcrafted for us to the very highest standard right here in Bavaria.  Built to hold 2 watches (can accommodate up to 52mm watch case) and 4 additional straps or alternatively 8 straps , these also feature a tool pocket for your screw driver or spring bar too as well as strips of matching suede leather to put between the watch case and bracelet for braceleted watches.

Priced at 195 Euro (exclusive of VAT) Plus 25 Euro for shipping
Pricing including VAT (Sales only withing the EU) is 232.05 Euro, plus 25 Euro of shipping.

1.  Blonde Calf skin with Mushroom Suede leather lining:

2.  Olive Calfskin with Mustard Suede leather lining:

3.  Pebble Grain Mocca Calfskin with Grey Suede leather lining:

4.  Caramel Calfskin with Coco Suede Leather lining:

5.  Incas Black Kangaroo with Houndstooth Suede Leather lining:

6.  Incas Tan Kangaroo with Coco Brown Suede Leather Lining:

7.  Pebble Grain Coco Calfskin with Mushroom Suede Leather Lining:

8.  Tourbe Brune Calfskin with Mustard Suede Leather Lining:

9.  Incas Mahogany Kangaroo with  Mustard Suede Leather Lining: