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Monday, May 9, 2016

Newly Arrived - SuperMatte Teju Lizard in New Colors!!

Hi strap lovers, I am very happy to announce the arrival of a new batch of SuperMatte Teju Lizard in the Standard Carbon black finish as well as Red and Walnut.  These leathers have a very cool and modern feel and make the perfect straps for sport chronographs military and modern dive watches where a when combined with a contrasting stitch make for a very sporty strap.

Based upon the success our our SuperMatte Carbon American Alligator, we worked in collaboration with our Italian tannery to develop this finish for Teju Lizard. We are extremely pleased with the outcome. The finish a very durable and super soft to the touch. Additionally being bespoke tanned by our Italian tannery partner, are exclusive to Dangerous9straps.

This will make wonderful straps as are extremely soft as well and so will make for wonderful strap linings to compliment your strap with another exotic leather as well.  My favorite aspect of using these leathers for lining materials is that not only are they very soft on the wrist but the SuperMatte is very similar to a matte rubberized finish and his therefore essentially waterproof.  Also the small scale pattern in addition to looking very cool as a lining,  promotes air circulation between the strap an the wrist for better comfort.  This surface treatment is also extremely easy to maintain with just a swipe of the clean, wet cloth or paper towel, it looks like new again.

(SuperMatte Carbon lining)

In addition to the Carbon Black, Red and Walnut you seed here, I am looking forward to ordering additional colors in the coming months as well: Steel Blue, Orange and Yellow, and perhaps Olive Drab.  The possibilities are nearly endless..

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