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Friday, April 22, 2016

Stunning Vintage Patek Philippe Calatrava on Pearl Blue Alligator

One of my favorite thinks about Patek Philippe is their attention to detail.  Case in point: this beautifully designed and finished solid gold deployment clasp:

(Click on any photo to enlarge)
Hi strap lovers.  I am very happy to share these photos of my local customer's beautiful Patek Philippe Calatrava on a very special Pearl Blue Alligator strap.  This strap makes for such a happy combo especially when compared to the black and brown Alligator straps that these watches are often paired with.  The silvery pearlized Baby blue Alligator is finished with custom blended matching edge paint and hand saddle stitched with our True Blue French Linen thread and lined with Arctic blue Kidskin lining.  I think it's an absolutely stunning combo.  This strap is certainly our 'Watch of the Week'!

Sunday, April 3, 2016

1952 Swiss Ammo strap with Custom Made 30-06 Bullet Shell Rivets for Bell & Ross Airborne Bronze

(Click on any photo to enlarge)
Hi strap lovers.  I am very excited to share one of our latest creations.  It's a 1952 Swiss Ammo strap for my very good customer Brent's fantastic Bell & Ross Skull Bronze (Airborne - Death from Above) watch.  The straps features custom 30-06 shell case rivets (made by yours truly).  This is a first for us and I think they have turned out perfectly and are a great match for this watch.

The super rustic Horn Crust buckle, made by Ingo at FineWatchBuckles is a perfect match to with watch and strap.  The Bronze Tang, made by Maddog straps will develop a great patina to mat the watch.  Also the Bronze finish metal keeper is another great detail requested which makes this strap unique.  Hand saddle stitched with our heavy gauge Steel Grey French linen with stitch breaks for the stampings (and Rivets), this is as Brent says "one bad-ass strap!"

Shown here is Brent's Airborne Diamonds Skull watch with skulls rivets Super Distressed leather strap (also made by Dangerous9straps):

Here are some additional photos that I took of this strap on a standard BR01-92 before shipping:

Friday, April 1, 2016

Eugen's Vintage Rolex Datejust on Troube Brune Alligator with our Integrated fit

(Click on any photo to enlarge)
Hi strap lovers, I'm happy to share some photos of a just completed Alligator strap for my friend and good customer Eugen.  His vintage Date-just is a great looking watch but he was looking to add a new dimension to his watch by added a new strap.  Since he's local, he was lucky enough to be able to come by the workshop to design his strap in person.  If you're local or expect to find yourself in the Munich area, please contact me, as I am always happy to meet with you in person for an in person strap design consultation.

These vintage Rolex Date-just watches are really wonderful little watches, this one has got and incredibly textured gold dial and two tone yellow gold accents, which gives the watch an extra vintage vibe and are wonderful colors to play the strap design off of.  The strap I built features padding at the lugs and our exclusive 'Thick Curve Lug System' (TCLS) which provides an integrated fit between the lugs.  Finished with Steel Grey linen,  hand saddle stitching and 'Bok' pattern black Kangaroo lining for great comfort and durability, I think this strap transforms Eugen's watch and really re-frames it as a luxury time piece.