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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Rolex Submariner on 'Million Dollar' Black Alligator strap with 'Thick Curved Lug System' (TCLS) and Rolex Glide-Lock Clasp fit

Here are some photos of a strap I recently completed for a Rolex Sub.  This strap is just about a perfect combo for this Rolex Sub, but would look great one most of the modern Rolex watches as well as the Vintage Rolex Submariner and GMT model watches (This strap is actually destined for a vintage Rolex Sub Ref. 1680). This strap features Thick padding at the lugs and our exclusive 'Thick Curved Lug System', which provides the ultimate integrated fit between the lugs.  Also featured is our special 'Glide-Lock' clasp fitment upgrade which allows for the use of the original Rolex bracelet clasp.  Interestingly, the fitment is actually the same for the Vintage Rolex Sub Ref. 1680 and the Modern Rolex Glide-Lock clasp.  I just love the Glide-Lock clasp and think building the strap to fit this clasp is well worth the modest price of this upgrade (actually less than the cost of a new aftermarket deployment clap we offer).   This strap is lined with our black motorcycle Kangaroo leather for which is just butter soft and one of our most durable lining option and has been hand saddle stitched in matching black to add and understated appeal.  Taken together, I think this strap offers a uniquely custom strap for the Rolex that just can't be beat.


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  2. Is this a one-off, or you have others for sale?

  3. Is this a one-off or you have more for sale?

  4. Is this a one-off, or you have others for sale?

  5. Where can I buy this product and how much is it?