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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Row Stone Stingray for Bell & Ross BR02

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Hi strap lovers.  Row Stone Stingray is something we have offered for over a year now, but it seems to just be catching on as a material option with my customers recently.  Here is a version that I just completed for a Bell & Ross BR02.  This strap is done in black Row Stone Stingray and features a high shine finish (sanded matte finish is also an option is less bling is what you're after).  Padding at the lugs to give the strap an even more substantial look, which I think works very will with Stingray straps in general and is particularly suitable on the thick BR02 dive watch.  This strap is also lined with one of my favorite exotic materials - SuperMatte Teju Lizard, which since it's got a rubberized finish is essentially waterproof and while extremely soft to the touch is super low maintenance - requiring just a wipe-down with a wet paper towel to clean.

I'm been making straps for the BR02 since the very beginning of Dangerous9straps and have made hundreds of straps for this model, and I must say, this is one of my favorites.

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