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Saturday, October 3, 2015

3 Ebony Swiss Hides Alligator straps for the Iconic Rolex Deep Sea

Hi strap lovers, I'm happy to share with your 3 straps I completed last month of a customer's Rolex Sea Dweller Deep Sea.  All 3 of the straps you see here are made with our Premium Swiss Hides American Alligator in 3 different configurations:

1) A Bund strap with Rally holes, upgraded with thick Padding and our exclusive 'Thick Curve Lug System for an integrated fitment between the lugs.  This strap is an instant classic give the customer the option of wearing the strap with or without the bund underlayment which changes the look entirely:

2. A strap made with our exclusive Fully Integrated Fit (FIF).  This upgrade in addition to offering the TCLS above, also features notching at the lugs bringing the strap out to 27mm in with then gently tapering the strap back to 24mm at the buckle.  Many customer find this configuration ideal for the Rolex SDDS because the large size and weight of the watch seams to be better balanced with a wider, more substantial strap than the OEM bracelet with tapers to only 16mm at the glide-lock clasp:

3)  A strap configured as No. 2 above, but tapered and fitted to the bracelet Glide-Lock clasp,  This strap is way more substantial at the watch head than the bracelet, the wider strap offering a more secure hold to the wrist. Most Rolex straps can be ordered to fit the Rolex OEM Glide-Lock clasp:

All of these straps are lined with our recently arrived Black Motorcycle Kangaroo leather, which is both incredibly soft and supple while at the same time being extremely moisture tolerant.  And of course as with all our straps these are built with vegetable tanned leather mid-layers for strength and durability.  Featuring hand saddle stitching throughout, it's no doubt that these straps are Dangerous9straps

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