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Saturday, October 17, 2015

2 newly completed SuperMatte Alligator straps with our Exclusive 'Fully Integrated Fit' (FIF)

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Hi strap lovers, these straps were just completed last week and are the rare instance in which I've built to nearly identical straps in the same week.  Both of these straps are made to the the Roles SDDS (one standard version and one D-Blue version).  Made with SuperMatte Carbon Alligator from our premium France Croco Alligator Collection, these straps feature our Exclusive 'Fully Integrated Fit' (FIF), which includes our 'Thick Curved Lug System' ('TCLS) for an integrated fit between the lugs as well as notching to bring the width of the strap to the outside line of the lugs and is then tapered back to 24mm wide at the buckle. This design was inspired by the Rubber-B straps for Rolex SDDS and is extremely challenging to accomplish in leather (in fact, so much so that I think that I'm the only strap maker building straps with these features).  These straps also feature thick padding at the lugs, which in addition to giving these straps extra 'Pop', also provides extra stability at the lugs.   As you can see from these photos, the fitment is perfect

Strap No.1:
Hand saddle stitched with light grey French linen thread and lined with Commando Grey French Lambskin, I think this strap look incredible on the Rolex SDDS. Fitted with our custom 'D9' flat, Vintage Style sewn-in buckle with polished finish, the bulky Rolex Deep Sea really benefits from a wider strap and heftier buckle, to balance it's considerable weight.

Strap No. 2:
Hand saddle stitched with True Blue French linen thread and lined with our Baltic Blue Tripon Kidskin, I think this strap will be a perfect match for the Rolex Sea Dweller Deep Sea, D-Blue (modeled here on a standard Deep Sea).

While the OEM bracelet with it's beautifully designed 'Glide Lock' clasp is exceedingly well executed, many people feel the bracelet's taper to the 16mm wide clasp is too narrow for the bulk of the SDDS.  Fitted with our custom 'D9' Pre-V style screw-in buckle with brushed finish, the bulky Rolex Deep Sea really benefits from a wider strap and heftier buckle, to balance it's considerable weight,


  1. this is lovley can you let me know if you can do the strap for a 22mm tudor bb red. red stitching rather than blue cheers 1973arb at gmail.com

  2. Hi John I also have a Deepsea and wanted to have a quote for the first version. You can email me santezampini@icloud.com.