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Friday, July 17, 2015

Introducing Our Latest Addition to our Caribbean Series Alligators - Saint Lucia

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Hi strap lovers. We are happy to announce the latest addition to our Dangerous9straps' Caribbean Colletion Alligators - Saint Lucia. Saint Lucia like the other Alligators in our Caribbean Collection are extremely limited colors of hand finished Alligator hides form our premium Alligator supplier - France Croco. Other colors in the Caribbean Collection are Martinique Bleu (sold out), Barbados Bleu (virtually sold out), Saint-Tropez and now Saint Lucia. Each of these have their own unique color and beauty:
Saint Lucia:
France Croco is a Normandy based Alligator and Crocodile tannery whose hides are among the best available and was recently acquired by Kering (formerly PPR) a holding company that owns such brands as Gucci, Bottega Veneta, Alexander McQeen, Sergio Rossi, and Girard-Perregaux. We are proud to have France Croco as a supply partner enabling us to offer the world's finest Alligator skin available.

These hides were personally chosen by me on our trip to the France Croco Milan warehouse.  I can tell you these hides are absolutely stunning in person - these photos barely doing them justice.  One hide is slightly more blue and the other slightly more grey in color but either on of these will make stunning watch straps.  The skins are small as 22 and 23cm in width and I'll be luck to get more that 8 straps from each so if you don't want to get caught out, I strongly encourage you to order right away (I'm still being contacted 2-3 times weekly about the Martinique Bleu Alligator from this series which unfortunately is long gone)  These skins are hand dyed and antiqued by France Croco in their Normandy tannery by expert crafts people and each is one of a kind and entirely unique.  Once these are sold out, I can never get them again.

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