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Sunday, July 26, 2015

BR01 on Newly completed Verona Gold Alligator strap from our Veneto Alligator Collection

Hi strap lovers, I'm happy to share some photos of this newly completed Verona Gold Alligator strap made for a BR03, but modeled here on a Bell & Ross BR01-92 Carbon.  I'm a huge fan of Bell & Ross watches and have been making custom straps for Bell & Ross watches since the very earliest days of Dangerous9straps,  and this strap, I have to confess, is one of my all time favorite combinations.  This Verona Gold Alligator with padding at the lugs, lined with Classic Black Tripon Kidskin lining and hand saddle stitched with our fine French Cable' Linen- Fil Au Chinois thread and featuring our vintage style flat PVD black sewn-in buckle, looks amazing Paired with the Black BR01-92 Carbon

A word about Verona Gold Alligator unique and special tannage:
The tannage on the Verona Gold Alligator is really Cool - it's been heavily wax tanned and is a 'pull-up' leather, which means that light spots are created as you bend and move the leather and since the wax tends to stay in place, these crease marks tend to remain in place unlike 'pull- up' leathers that are oil tanned.  The result is a highly vintage looking Alligator.  Interestingly if you warm the waxes within the leather, the softened wax will tend to redistribute itself more evenly throughout the leather, creating a more even color, and slightly darker strap overall - until the strap cools to room temperature and is flexed again, at which time these flex marks and more vintage look will begin to return.  Very cool stuff!

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