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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Beautiful Nomos Orion 33 on Azure Bleu Alligator from our ultra premium France Croco Alligator Collection

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Hi strap lovers.  I am very happy to share some wonderful photos sent by my good customer Marcela's Nomos Orion-33 on here newly arrived Azure Bleu Alligator from our ultra premium France Croco Alligator Collection.  As many of you know from following this blog, we make a lot of strap for large chunky sports watches, but I'd like to emphasize here that we are happy to also make straps of a more elegant scale for more elegant watches as well.   Watches don't come too much more elegant that the watches from Nomos.  With their smaller diameter, minimal Bauhaus inspired design and thin profile (7.25mm including curved sapphire crystal), these watches are the definition of mid-century elegance.  Very impressed with the overall Nomos design and execution, I'm really looking forward to visiting the Nomos booth at Munichtime watch fair later this month to get some hands on with their collection.  Thank's to Marcela for sharing these wonderful photos, her's is our 'Watch of the Week'.

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