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Monday, October 13, 2014

Awesome New Alligator Skins from Ultra Premium Supplier France Croco!!!!


Martinique Bleu 

Tourbe Brune: Light and dark
Etain Gris

Hi strap lover, we just received a new shipment of skins from our Premium Alligator supplier France Croco.  These skins were hand chosen by me and Andrea on our last buying trip to France Croco's Milan Warehouse and very special indeed and in some cases are one of a kind, so for instance on the Etain Gris and Barbados and Martinique Bleu are one of a kind skin and probably won't have the possibility of restocking so it you're interested in having a strap made from these, don't wait long to make your request.

More on France Croco:
France Croco is a Normandy based Alligator and Crocodile tannery who's hides are among the best available and was recently acquired by Kering  (formerly PPR) a holding company that owns such brands as Gucci,  Bottega Veneta,  Alexander McQeen, Sergio Rossi, and Girard-Perregaux.  We are proud to have France Croco as a supply partner enabling us to offer the finest Alligator skin available.  The colors and overall quality of the France Croco skins are the best I've yet seen. 

Link here to see the full line of France Croco Alligator skins available from for your Dangerous9straps

Etain gris: 
'Etain Gris' or Pewter Grey is a beautifully finished medium grey with a hand rubbed antiqued finish that results in this unique and one of a kind color.  As with a number of our current offerings from France Croco, this finish is hand applied by highly experienced master craftsman at their tannery in Normandy, France.

Marintque Bleu:
Martinique Bleu is quite simply one of the most beautiful Alligator skins Andrea and I have ever seen.  This hide is a unique hand applied finish that has been done in a multi-stage process and in a one of a kin color.  Featuring a stunning turquoise blue center scale section that has been hand rubbed with a earth tan antique stain between the scales, it's an absolutely stunning example of the tanner's art:

Is an incredible aqua blue color with earth brown and sea grass highlights.  The color transition is much more subtle that the Martinique shown above:

Tourbe Brune:
Tourbe Brune is a color we've offered for about a year now and it's become one of our most popular colors.  We're now stocking it in a lighter grey/brown and a darker color to offer a bit more diversity.
Lighter Tourbe Brune:

Darker Tourbe Brune:

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