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Sunday, July 27, 2014

2 Stingray straps for PAM48.

(Click on any photo to enlarge)

I built these 2 stingray straps for my great customer Kim from the US and I'm really happy with how they've turned out.  In Petroleum (which is sort of a Green-grey color and which I really love) and Ocean Blue, both with Central pearls, you can really see from these, that no two central pearl areas form 2 separate Stingray skins is the same (these are from the same sized hides as well).  The Petroleum straps is shown here lined in Red Eel skin, but was ultimately switch out to bone upon customer's request.  I think the red Eel looks great.  The Ocean Blue Stingray strap is lined in Bone Eel skin, which has been and extremely popular combo since Khalil from Panerai Central's review last year.  Before I shipped these out, I always check the fitment if I can, here using my wife's PAM51 as a stand-in.  I couldn't resist snapping a few photos to share.


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