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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Antique Mahogany for Rolex Meteorite Daytona

Hi Strap lover.  I'd like to share a a couple of photo I took of a strap on my good customer's white gold Rolex Meteorite Daytona.  This actually the second customer that owns this rare watch, but the first time I've had the opportunity to handle the watch in person and I must say, that Rolex has made a stunner.  And I could really feel the heft of the white gold, being much more substantial in the hand that Stainless Steel.  I made a couple of straps for this watch, but the customer who came in to have the strap fitted chose to have me fit the Antique Mahogany strap first.  If he comes in to have me switch straps, I'll try to take a couple of photos of it on the Alligator strap I also made for him.  The strap features our Antique Mahogany, which is a premium finish available exclusively on our vegetable tanned series straps.  This finish is a true classic Dangerous9straps finish I've been doing since the very first batches of strap I ever made.  These straps begin life as natural cream colored vegetable tanned leather and are then stained and dyed in a multiple stage process that can have a many a 12 steps the achieve the perfect Antique finish with incredible depth of color and are then hand saddle stitched using the finest linen thread.   This process results in a strap that is entirely unique with no two straps being exactly the same, which I think is appropriate for this Daytona since each Meteorite dial is likewise entirely unique.  This strap is padded and pre-curved for comfort and easier breaking and is build to fit the Rolex OEM white gold deployment clasp.


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