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Thursday, April 24, 2014

SuperMatte Carbon Teju Lizard with Integrated Fit

(Click on any photo to enlarge)

Hi strap lovers.  Here are some photos of a prototype Teju Lizard strap featuring an SuperMatte Carbon finish - an exclusive tannage from our Italian Tannery.  We've be offering the SuperMatte Carbon finish Alligator for a while, which we really love and which has been a hot seller for us, so we've worked with our Tannery to develop the same finish in Teju Lizard.  They did a spectacular job and have developed a finish at is super quality and very durable.  I've been wearing the prototype strap for testing on my Gevril GV2 Explorer Automatic.  The GV2 Explorer is a watch I've had for a while and is one I really love - it's got an excellent overall fit and finish - and has bee extremely reliable and generally can typically be found for very reasonable prices in the internet.
This strap featuring my favorite upgrades: 'Thick Curved Lug System' for a perfect integrated strap fit, thick padding, tapering strap width, double keepers and best of all - our 'SuperExotica' upgrade with  exotic Red Hot Eel skin lining and super fine hand saddle stitching using Steel Grey French linen thread.  I think it's just about the perfect strap combo for the GV2 Explorer.

Check out the full slide show:
dangerousjohn's GV2 Explorer on SuperMatte Teju album on Photobucket

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Tuscan Collection leather Zulu for BR01

(Click on Any photo to enlarge)

Hi strap lovers.  Here are a few photos of a just completed Zulu strap for Bell & Ross BR01-92.  The leather is 'Legno di Ulivo Antico' from our recently introduced 'Tucsan Collection' - Traditional vegetable tanned leathers from northern Italy, a region famous for producing some of the world's finest leathers for centuries and still home to some of the best tanneries making traditional vegetable tanned leathers in the traditional method.  This leather is buttery soft and hand antiqued by use to achieve the wonderfully vintage look.  This Zulu strap, hand saddle stitched using Olive waxed Irish linen and fitted with matted PVD finished hardware, is about a perfect combination with the BR01.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Strap Returns - STOP! - Contact us for Instruction First!!!

Hi strap lovers, I wanted to discuss a bit about returns.  If for whatever reason you need to return your strap for alternation, repair or replacement.  It is critical that before sending any packages back to us, that you contact us for our correct return address and our detailed instructions as to how to package and complete the required customs form.  This will prevent loss, delays and unnecessary costs for your package. If for whatever reason, you don't contact us or choose not to follow our instructions, we will take no responsibility for the loss of your package or it's return to you as deliverable.

Kim's Lime Stingray with Central Pearls for PAM

Hi strap lovers, Here is a strap I just complete for Kim's PAM48.  This strap features the central pearl section and is lined with Bone Eel skin, which is by far our most popular lining for these brightly color Stingray straps.  Notice the custom color edge paint, which to my eye is about a perfect match to the Lime Stingray.  Although this strap is destined for a PAM48, I couldn't resist mounting it to my wife's PAM51 to check the fit an snap a few photos.  I think it looks pretty groovy.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Just to share some great photos from Chris of his PAM177 on 1933 Swiss Ammo strap

Hi Strap lovers, I want to share some great photos of my good customer Chris's PAM177 on his newly arrived 1933 Swiss Ammo strap.  The leather on this strap shows some great patina, which is fitting for leather that is 80 year old ammo leather.  Thanks Chris of getting me these photos!

Saffron Alligator with Dark Olive Tribal Stitching on PAM351

Hi strap lovers, I was so impressed with Jakob's Saffron Alligator strap, I had to mount it to a watch and snap a few photos before I shipped it out.  Here are the results.  This strap is meant to go with a PAM104, but with our 'Thick Curved Lug System' to give the strap an integrated fit, I think it look just dandy on this PAM351 as well.

Jakob's 2 Alligator straps for PAM

Hi strap lovers.  Here are some photos of a couple of very cool straps recently competed for my very good customer Jakob's PAM.  These straps both feature our exclusive 'Thick Curved Lug System' upgrade, Padding at the lugs and are designed to fit the Panerai OEM deployment claps.

Strap No 1:
Premium Swiss Hides Ebony Alligator, this straps also features super fine hand saddle stitching in Butterscotch waxed Irish Linen and is lined using our recently arrived Whiskey Grain Australian Kangaroo from out 'Outback Collection'

Strap No. 2:
Premium Swiss Hides Alligator in Saffron, This strap features Tribal stitching using Dark Olive German Milled linen thread and is lined Black Grain Australian Kangaroo.  This strap turned out amazing I think: