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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Dirty Denim African sheep shipped to Britain for Visit from HRH Prince of Wales

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Hi strap lovers, We were contacted a couple of weeks ago by our Britain based bespoke leather tanner  Tusting and Burnett requesting that we provide one of our leather straps make from their beautifully tanned African Sheep hides for display.  It seems they were having conference of local businesses, were anticipating a visit from HRH Prince of Wales and wanted to show off some products make from their wonderful leathers.  Needless to say I was very happy to oblige.

Here is the strap that we came up with: Our extremely popular Dirty Denim Africa Sheep leather strap (this one made to fit a Breitling watch) stitched with super fine hand saddle stitching using our 3 ply Irish butterscotch linen thread and lined with our exclusive Chestnut Australian Kangaroo.  I'm sure our humble strap will draw little notice from Prince Charles, but we're honored to have been asked, none the less.  Best of all, Tusting and Burnett has agreed to send us more or their great leathers in exchange for providing this strap, so expect the see some really great additions to our Safari Collection leathers in the very near future!

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