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Friday, December 20, 2013

Check out our newest - The 'Outback Collection' Exclusively from Kangaroo leather by Dangerous9straps

Espresso Grain, Black Grain, Whiskey Grain

"Lizard King' Embossed in Jet Black

'Outback' Carbon Grain - Nubuck

Hi strap lovers.  We are very excited to introduce our newest collection of leathers - The 'Outback Collection' from Dangerous9straps.  This collection is entirely made up of Kangaroo leathers, which we have been working with or Australian supplier to gather and I think we finally have enough interesting colors, textures and finishes to justify creating a collection that our customers will love.  Using exclusively Australian Kangaroo leather, which is recognized in the leather biz as being the strongest, toughest and most durable leather on earth (so much so that many professional motorcycle racing suits and gloves are made from it), These leathers are also very soft (we've been using kangaroo leather for a while as our most durable strap linings).  The leather featured in our 'Outback Collection' also offer great colors, textures and finishes and will make beautiful and unique straps  Some of these leathers are in very limited supply, so if you see one that your like, don't hesitate to contact me before they're gone forever.  Here is the full rundown:

Espresso Grain:
This leather is beautifully tanned Grain leather with a really great texture and a semi-satin natural finish, is extremely durable and water tolerant. Also suitable for use as a strap lining:

Black Grain:
With the same finish and texture of our Chocolate Grain described above, it's a great choice if you're looking for a super durable leather strap.  Also suitable for use as a strap lining:

Whiskey Grain:
With the same finish and texture of our Chocolate and Black Grain described above, but with a beautiful light Whiskey color with just the right amount of character, it's a great choice if you're looking for a super durable leather strap.  Also suitable for use as a strap lining:

We've been offering our Chestnut Kangaroo for a while as a lining, which works wonderfully, since it's buttery soft, but it's a really great color and certainly deserves to be shown off on the outside of the strap as well.  Smooth and thick with a bit of an oil tanned finish, This kangaroo leather would look great as a casual strap with a pair of Blue Jeans.  

Nubuck "Outback' Grain Kangaroo leathers:
Our 'Outback' kangaroo leather is a wonderfully soft and supple leather with a slight nubuck finish and also a grain pattern that is extremely interesting and works wonderfully for watch straps.  We offer our "Outback' Grain kangaroo in your choice of Carbon (Grey-Black) or Brown.  The Brown in very interesting with the nap of the nubuck in a rust color and inside the grain texture in a much darker brown-black:

'Outback' Carbon Grain strap

'Outback' Brown Grain as lining

Lizard and Epi Embossed:
This leather was the biggest surprise for us in the latest shipment from OZ.  It's Kangaroo leather that been embossed, dyed Jet black and is extremely durable with really great lizard pattern (dubbed 'Lizard King' by our OZ supplier) and Epi leather pattern (made famous by Louis Vuitton) these leather are probably the toughest of the lot with a really nice embossing and very smooth satin finish.  

'Lizard King' Embossed Kangaroo


 Epi embossed leather

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