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Saturday, July 13, 2013

First Prototypes for New 'Safari Collection'

Marsh - Dirty Denim

Hannibal - Stone

Hi strap lovers.  We're very excited to introduce the first prototypes for our new 'Safari Collection'.  The straps you see feature leather in both African Sheep and African Buffalo from bespoke British tanners Tusting and Burnett, are of absolute top quality and are a joy to work with.  

First up: Hannibal - Stone African Buffalo.  This leather has an incredible texture and color and is very thick and supple. This strap feature raw edged and has been hand saddle stitched using our recently arrived Ecru 
Au Chinois Câblé linen - best quality Linen thread from France.  Also we've used our premium Vintage Style flat sewn-in 'D9' in PVD that I given a vintaged finish, which I think turned out really cool.

Second: Marsh - Dirty Denim.  This leather is African Sheep skin and again a real jewel of a hide.  The color is a kind of an acid wash denim color with great texture and almost a nubuck feel.  This strap also features a newly arrived from Australia Chestnut kangaroo lining which I think works perfectly with the blue jeans look of the African Sheep. This strap has been stitched with our butterscotch 4 ply waxed Irish linen thread with a box stitch pattern and features our recently arrived 26mm vintage style flat sewn-in buckle. 

 I am extremely happy with the results of our first straps and want to send a special thanks to Charlotte Tusting for providing such wonderful skins.  If you think that you would be interested in having a custom strap made for your beloved watch from our new 'Safari Collection' contact me right away.  You'll be glad you did.

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