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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Dangerous9straps' New Much Larger Werkstatt!!

Welcome to Dangerous9straps!!




Splitter (left) and Clicker (right)

Materals Cabinet

Edge polished

Hot Stamp machine for applying our logo

Hand Stitch station

Hi Strap lovers, We're very excited to share Dangerous9straps' new workshop!!! We'd been in a very small office/workshop for the last couple of years and while it functioned, it had become waaaay too small and we couldn't fit the new machines I need in order to increase production.  As my wonderful and very patient customers know, our turnaround time for straps has been running 8-10 weeks for the past several months and if we are to have any hope of shortening this lead time, we needed to increase production.  The only way to make this happen is to get a few basic machines of a professional leather operation.  These machines will both increase the speed of production and improve the quality of our completed straps. The new machines are: 1) A Vintage leather splitting machine to increase the speed and accuracy with which to split Ammo leathers, which will both increase my productivity with making ammo straps, and also put much less stress of these vintage leathers than my old fixed blade manual splitting machine.  2) A Hydraulic clicker - this machine used with leather cutting dyes with allow me to cut out the basic strap shapes with much more speed and with perfect accuracy especially with more complex strap shapes such as Bell & Ross straps which up to now I've been cutting by hand and final shaping on my belt sander.  3) Edge buffing machine - this machine with greatly improve the speed and a quality of finished edges of our straps.  4) A hot stamping press - this machine will allow us to apply a stamped maker logo into the inside of our straps instead of our old method of using a leather burning pen.  While this machine won't increase our production speed, it will give our straps a more professional finish.  One machine you won't see in our new workshop is a sewing machine - We continue to be committed to hand stitching all our straps.  The quality, durability and character of hand saddle stitching can't be match by machine stitching and so I won't use one to stitch Dangerous9straps.  Overall we're hoping that these improvements will not only allow for us to service our customers better with shorter wait times, but also provide a higher quality finish strap.

See the Complete Werkstatt Slide Show:
dangerousjohn's Dangerous9straps Neu Werkstatt album on Photobucket

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