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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Newly completed Vintage Swiss Canvas/Leather strap for BR03

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Hi strap lovers, I want to share with you Dangerous9straps most recently completed Vintage Swiss Canvas and leather straps this time make to fit a Bell & Ross BR03. This strap was made for my very good custom James from Canada and hopefully he'll send along some photo when it's all mounted up to his iconic BR03. This strap is made from Canvas and leather salvaged from a 1950's era Swiss Army rucksack. The canvas is woven from thick Linen and cotton tread in Natural Ecru and Army Green which gives the canvas it's distinctive mottled color. And is also extremely tough, being about 1mm thick. The Genuine Vintage leather has a beautiful color with the marks of character from heavy duty use, but is still very strong and supple. James' strap has been hand saddle stitche using our finest Olive Drab 3 ply waxed Irish linen thread, which I think matches perfectly with both the canvas and the vintage leather. Overall this strap with it's vintage leather lining and leather border around the front of the strap as well as the keeper shows by far the most detail work on any Canvas strap available today and is by far superior in both design and execution to any Canvas/Leather strap you'll find (the detailed keeper alone taking nearly an hour of careful work to complete) Seeing these photos I think you'll agree. If you're interested in have one of these straps for your own watch, please don't hesitate to contact me for details and options!


See the completed strap slide show:
dangerousjohn's James Vintage Swiss Army Canvas for BR03 album on Photobucket

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