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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Newly arrived Alligator Skins from Italy!!

L to R: Walnut & Cognac
(Click on Any photo to enlarge)

Hi strap lovers, I wanted to post a few photos of our newly arrived Alligator skins from our tanners in beautiful Northern Italy.  These skins are extremely fine and with great color:  Walnut, Cognac and Carbon, which is a very cool super-matte black.  The Walnut is a beautiful medium brown with not too much red tones that I think will make stunning watch straps.  The Cognac is a wonderful light brown with beautiful with warm  caramel tones.  What can I say about the Carbon-Black hide except Wow! This hide is a true matte and when my wife and I saw it on the shelf at our Italian Tanneries' show room in Ferrara (stunningly beauiful setting), we both knew immediately that this one had to be added to our offerings.  The Carbon black will be perfect for sport watches where Alligator is desired, but a dressy strap is a no-go. We also were luck to find a couple of matching Hornback Alligator skins in a beautiful Classic Tan color, which are perfect, but I think can also be treated to our exclusive 'Hand Antiquing' upgrade as well.  Right now, Andrea and I are planning to make buying trips about every 6 months or so and the skins we find like the ones shown are not necessarily going to be in permanent stock with our tannery partners so if you see a color you'd like for your strap, you would be well advised to order right away, because I can't guarantee we'll have these colors in stock again.


Classic Tan Hornback

Classic Tan Hornback



Carbon - SuperMatte

Carbon - SuperMatte

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