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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Ebony Hornback American Alligator for PAM233

Hi strap lovers, I wanted to share the latest custom Dangerous9straps Hornback American Alligator strap for my very good customer Serge from Vienna.  This one is stitched with black 4 ply waxed Irish linen thread for a more subtle look and so as not to distract from the big beautiful horns.  Upgraded with our exclusive 'SuperExotica' featuring a really beautifull Charcoal Eel skin lining - one of our latest new Eel skin colors.  As you can see, the Alligator Hornback section at the lugs has been spliced with carefully matched Alligator belly skin lower down on the strap.  Building Hornback Alligaotr straps this way is a great deal more work.  In fact to get a really good match, requires careful selection of the belly skin portion and a lot of skill to make the splice look natural.  We have begun splicing all our Hornback Alligator straps with belly skin where the strap interfaces the buckle, which results in a better functioning strap and one that is more comfortable to wear, is more durable and that works better with a buckle.  Additionally this allows the option of double keepers (1 sewn-in and 1 floating) and even the option of a deployment clasp.  I have only seen a couple of strap makers that have the skill and patience to build their Hornback straps this way, but I think the results are certainly worth the effort to not only make a better looking strap, but also one that functions better and is more durable.

Great looking and super smooth Charcoal Grey Eel skin lining:

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