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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Gabe's PAM312 on Vintage Swiss Canvas and leather!

I wanted to update this post to add a couple of great photos of this great Vintage Swiss Canvas/Leather strap just sent my was from Gabe, showing his new strap on his PAM312. 
Looks great!!


(click any photo to enlarge)

Hi strap lovers, Here is a Dangerous9strap that we've been working on for a while for my very good customer and friend and fellow SoCal buddy Gabe's PAM320.  This strap like so many of Gabes was a bit of an evolution.  He stared out looking for a simple canvas strap for his BR126 Officer's chornograph, but as the design developed, he chose to have me build a strap for his PAM, which as 24mm, gives me a bit more 'Canvas' to work with.  This is the first canvas/Leather strap I had made and so wanted to do a prototype to get some of the design kinks worked out before I started building a customer strap and I'm glad I did.  The result you se here I hope was worthy of Gabe's wait.  It's certainly one of my favorite recently completed straps and I'm looking forward to building a bunch more.  The Canvas and leather come from a 1950's era Swiss Army rucksack you see here.  The fabric is incredibally thick and strong (about 1mm thick) and is woven from cotton and linen and seriously feels like it could stop a bullet, plus with the combination of woven Ecru and Olive colored thread, looks really cool. Gabe's strap is not only edged with Vintage Swiss leather but lined with it as well.  The strap was stitched with superfine Ecru, 3ply waxed Irish linen thread, which really brings out the character of the leather and will also look great paired with the PAM320 dial.

The Original Swiss Amry Rucksack dating from the 1950's was beautifully make with good strong leather bottom, sholder straps and trim and real wooden stays as an internal frame!

Also check out the detail on the hand stitched keeper, which I think really extends this design and is a work of art itself!

See the whole completed strap slide show:

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Couple of Ostrich Leg straps with 'SuperExotica' upgrades

(Click to enlarge any photo)

Hi strap lovers.  We've been featuring so many Ammo straps here recently, I've been told by my wife that I need to make room for more of our beautiful exotic skin straps.  With that in mind, I'd like to feature 2 straps I've just completed made from one of my favorite exotics: Ostrich Leg skin.  These skin are becoming very difficult to get from the our suppliers, because of an outbreak of bird flue in South African Ostrich farms has required they cull nearly all their flocks and as a result the tanneries have got no new skins to work with.  As a result, if you're interested in have an Ostrich Leg skin strap, your should order it from me while my supplies last.

The First strap I would like to feature is made for our great customer Farid from Texas: This Black Ostrich Leg skin strap strap has got a couple of really great features.  First, I was made for Farid's PAM361 with our special 'Thick Curved Lug System', which is designed fill the space between the lugs that would exist with a standard straight lug strap and is also curved to follow the gentle curve of the Panerai cushion case.  The second feature to note it the very cool olive Cane Toad lining.  Think this strap really benefits from a splash of color and it's a real luxury to have a truly unique Exotic skin lining.  These Cane Toad skins are thin, soft and extremely durable and make the perfect lining.  Plus, I think the color looks great.  The strap also features thin padding at the lugs as well as super fine hand saddle stitching using Ecur 4 ply waxed Irish linen thread

The second strap is for my very good customer from the UK.  It's make with one of my very favorite Ostrich Leg skin colors: Desert Tan.  This is just a super rich color and with tons of character.  I think it's the best color for showing off all the lovely details inherent in Ostrich leg sking.  This strap also features our exclusive SuperExotica upgrade with beautiful Classic tan Eel lining which again is super strong, thin and very soft to the touch and has be finely hand saddle stitched using Buterscotch 4 ply waxed Irish linen.  I think it's just a stunning combo.  Also thickly padded, this strap is sure to be an eye catcher.

These straps really show what I love about Ostrich Leg skin - wonderful exotic skin patterning, charater and excellent durability, which I find every bit the equal of Alligator and why I continue to promote these beautiful skins for watch straps.