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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Hand Antiqued Commando Grey for Chris's PAM243

(click on any photo to enlarge)

Hi strap lovers!  Here is a Dangerous9strap we completed for my great customer Chris from Scotland for his awesome PAM243.  I like it so much, I may have to build one for my PAM 243 as well.  It's a pretty special strap: Commando Grey with our exclusive "Hand Antiquing" upgrade and 'SuperExotica' upgrade as well, which for Chris's strap consists of bone round scale caiman skin lining and super fine hand saddle stitching using Charcoal 4 ply Irish linen thread.  Chris was kind enough to forward these photos of his new strap on his PAM243 and I think it look great!

See the complete slide show:

Saturday, December 22, 2012

David's Safari Tan Alligator for PAM425

(Click on any photo to enlarge)  

Hi strap lovers.  I wanted to share some photos that my great customer from France sent me of his newly received Dangerous9strap mounted to his beautiful PAM425.  This watch was featured in September when he received his Black American Alligator, and as you can see it really changes the look of his watch.  This strap is very special - made from our Swiss Hides Safari Tan American Alligator belly and paired with our exclusive  'SuperExotica' upgrade featuring Black round scale American Alligator lining and ultra fine hand saddle stitching using 4 ply butterscotch waxed Irish linen. David's strap like all Dangerous9 exotic skin strap is made with strong and durable vegetable tanned mid-layer and padding.  Additionally our American Alligator skins at 1mm plus in thickness, are not the super thin skins that most watch strap manufacturers use, added together this mean our Alligator straps are built to last and will look great for many years of service. 

See the full slide show:

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Happy Holidays! Kaventsmann Bathyal No. 19 on 1910 Swiss Ammo strap

(Click on any photo to enlarge)

Hi strap lovers,  I just wanted to show off my newly completed 1910 Swiss Ammo strap for your recently arrived Kaventsmann Bathyal.  I think I've mentioned in my earlier post how much I love wearing the massively beautiful watch.  Well I've finally completed the strap that's to my mind the perfect combo.  It's a 1910 Swiss Ammo strap with a really great looking maker and date stamping stitched with Blue thread to match the stunning blue dial of the Bathyal.  Anyway here are a few photos of it all mounted up. 

Monday, December 10, 2012

Vintage Swiss Canvas/Leather for Gabes PAM320

(click any photo to enlarge)

Hi strap lovers, Here is a Dangerous9strap that we've been working on for a while for my very good customer and friend and fellow SoCal buddy Gabe's PAM320.  This strap like so many of Gabes was a bit of an evolution.  He stared out looking for a simple canvas strap for his BR126 Officer's chornograph, but as the design developed, he chose to have me build a strap for his PAM, which as 24mm, gives me a bit more 'Canvas' to work with.  This is the first canvas/Leather strap I had made and so wanted to do a prototype to get some of the design kinks worked out before I started building a customer strap and I'm glad I did.  The result you se here I hope was worthy of Gabe's wait.  It's certainly one of my favorite recently completed straps and I'm looking forward to building a bunch more.  The Canvas and leather come from a 1950's era Swiss Army rucksack you see here.  The fabric is incredibally thick and strong (about 1mm thick) and is woven from cotton and linen and seriously feels like it could stop a bullet, plus with the combination of woven Ecru and Olive colored thread, looks really cool. Gabe's strap is not only edged with Vintage Swiss leather but lined with it as well.  The strap was stitched with superfine Ecru, 3ply waxed Irish linen thread, which really brings out the character of the leather and will also look great paired with the PAM320 dial. 

The Original Swiss Amry Rucksack dating from the 1950's was beautifully make with good strong leather bottom, sholder straps and trim and real wooden stays as an internal frame!

Also check out the detail on the hand stitched keeper, which I think really extends this design and is a work of art itself!

See the whole completed strap slide show:

Saturday, December 8, 2012

727 years of historic Swiss and German leather

(Click on any photo to enlarge)

Hi strap lovers,  We're just posting to show off our latest batch of Vintage Ammo straps.  This batch was fun because there are 10 straps in total, making for 729 year of historic Swiss and German leath:

Straps 1 through 6:  Are for my very good customer Syed from the US, including 3 Swiss Ammo straps from years 1965, 1965 and 1946 as well as 3 vintage German Ammo straps from years 1915, 1915 and 1940. And made for both his Panerai and his BR03's.  Syed said he's a history buff, so these strap should satify his need of historic Swiss and Germany leather for a while - totally a 426 years.

Strap No. 7:  Also in this batch a very special Swiss Ammo dated 1901 for my friend and very good customer Jon from Canada.  The 1901 strap was stitched with Navy 4 ply waxed linen thread to match the deep blue dial of the awesome new bronze Kavenstmann Percula.  These Kavenstmann watches are hand made up in Berlin by and incredible craftsman Micha Fernandez and extremely special.  I have Jon to thank for the opportunity to own my Bathyal No.19. and I can tell you that these watches deserve a strap as special as a 1901 Swiss ammo to do them justice.  If you think you might fancy a truly custom watch made from beautiful bronze drop Micha a line, and be prepared for a very special watch. - 111 years

Strap No. 8: Another great strap in the batch is for my good customer Adrian from Singapore for his PAM372, which to my mind is a true Panerai classic model and since not a limited edition watch are more available to me, a lover of Panerai watches, but without the connections to get my hands on a limited edition model.  I would be temped myself, but have already done waaaay to much self gifting this year already:-)  Adrian chose a very vintage looking 1927 Swiss Ammo strap, which I think turned out incredible and is stitched with butterscotch linen to bring out the gold hands of the PAM372.  The leather of this 1927 Swiss Ammo strap has incredible color and character.  -85 years

Strap No.9:  Zach ordered a strap made from a pouch front with not stampings for his classic Panerai 104, which while I love the stamping of the Swiss Ammos, has a very clean look.  Stitched with Ecru 4 ply waxed Irish linen thread, and tapered to 22mm, to fit his OEM PAM buckle, this strap exudes calm sophistication and the color of the leather he chose I think is stunning. - 45 years


And that bring me to No. 10: 1952 Swiss Ammo for Scott's Breitling Montbrilliant datora.  Scott asked for our extra thick Ecru 7 ply waxed Irish linen and I think it's going to look great on his Montbrilliant.  I think the color of this 60 year old leather is just fantastic.  - 60 years