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Monday, November 26, 2012

Vintage Swiss Linen Threads!

Hi strap lovers, This post I think is a real first to be offered in the world of strap making.  I recently acquired a catch of very vintage Swiss linen thread to dates form the early half of the 20th century!  From an old saddler's stock,  these rare threads are super strong and show amazing character (smelling of bee's wax and smoke and on the original wooden spooles) and would be the perfect upgrade for anyone looking for a truly authentic Vintage Ammo strap.  These thread are available in very limited quantity and when they're gone, I can promise you I will not have access to any further stocks.  This represents a rare and unique opportunity to have your vintage Swiss Ammo strap stitched with authentic period linen thread offered while my stock lasts.  Color options are: Vintage Earth, Vintage Ecru, Vintage Olive and Vintage Rust.  Priced at $25/20 euro upgrade and only for my vintage Swiss Ammo straps.

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