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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Clinton's PAM372 on Black American Alligator strap

 Hi strap lovers.  I've been so busy trying to get orders out and then taking a brief holiday last week (first in more than a year) that I've not been able to post and new Items on my blog, but I set aside some time tonight for updating and so will have at least a couple of new items for you.  These all will come courtesy of my wonderful customer's who are really great at taking these really astonishing photos of their newly arrived Dangerous9straps and sending me photos for me to share.  The enthusiasm of my customers for their strap and the photos they send are without a double the best part of being a strap maker. 

First up are some photos that just arrived today from my very good customer Clinton from the US, showing off his beautiful new PAM372 mounted to his Black American Alligator strap.  This strap features a really great high dome padding and out beautifully high polished 'D9' logo, screw-in, Pre-V style buckle.  Additionally this strap has been made with our 'SuperExotica' upgrade with mustard Sea Snake lining and super fine hand saddle stitching in ecru, 4 ply, waxed Irish linen.  I think this watch and strap are a stunning combo with the high dome padding mirroring the High dome Plexi-glass crystal and the really beefy black American Alligator filling the lugs and proportionally just looking steller with the new 47mm PAM372 watch case.  I think this is one of the best recent designs from Panerai in a while and unlike the PAM127 and 217, this is not a limited edition watch, so more lovers of the brand will have the opportunity to own a 47mm PAM than ever before!  Clinton, thanks for these wonderful photos.  Without a doubt, your PAM372 is out new 'Watch of the week'.  Wear it well my friend! 

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