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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Swiss Ammo straps -handmade by Dangerous9straps - 387 years of Vintage leather!!

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Hi strap lovers.  Here is the latest batch of handmade Swiss Ammo straps by Dangerous9straps.  I wanted to share some group shots of these straps, the youngest of which is dated from 1967 and the oldest from 1941 representing in total 387 years of vintage leather.  I really love how these have all turned out and my customers, Mike, Martijn, John, Christopher, Jean-guy and Keith and Hartmut are all very excited to get their very own piece of vintage historic leather to wear on their wrist.  Thanks to all of them for the for their support and patience in allowing me the time to build the best straps we know how with no compromises.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Hornback Strap for Robert's Panerai

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Robert says:
"Where all other strap makers turned my request down, Dangerous9Straps came through with flying colors.  This strap is a true work of art and I am very satisfied with the craftsmanship and professionalism that is Dangerous9Straps.  Thank you! Thank you!
Thank you for the great endorsement Robert!
Hi strap lovers.  Here is one of the latest of a group of Dangerous9straps' Hornback Alligator straps.  This one is for my good customer Robert's large Panerai, and he wanted the super large Horns made from our Premium Swiss Hides American Alligator Hornback hides.  Swiss Hides is an OEM grade Alligator supplier and are under contract with many of the High end Swiss watch manufacturers as well as ultra luxury leather goods manufacturers and  which are guaranteed fully humane and Eco-friendly both in the way they raise there animals and all throughout the tanning process.

We've developed a technique for splicing the hornback section with carefully matched Alligator belly section of the skin which allows for use as a watch strap (otherwise these horns are too big to use any buckle or clasp).  This splicing technique allows for a much more functional strap and such options as the use of deployment clasps and double keeper options, which were never possible with our all hornback skin straps.    It took a bit of time to get a skin with the prominent horns that Robert demanded, but Swiss Hides cam through in the end have shipped a pair of skins to use from their tannery in Florida.  As you can see from these photos, and I think Robert agrees that it was worth the wait. 

Watch the completed strap slide show: