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Saturday, September 15, 2012

A couple recently completed Swiss Ammo straps that I really love

(Click on any photo to enlarge)

Hi strap lovers. It's no secret that Dangerous9straps has become a noted supplier of very high quality Swiss Ammo straps for watch lovers who will wear only the very best on their wrist. All of our Swiss Ammo straps are built entirely by hand and hand saddle stitched with only 4 or 7 ply waxed Irish linen thread (which we consider the very highest quality thread). Every detail of the strap being carefully hand crafted leaving no portion of the strap unfinished - the edges of our Swiss Ammo straps for instance being dyed to match the vintage Swiss Ammo leather, waxed and hand burnished to a beautifully smooth finish. Here are a couple of recently completed Swiss Ammo straps that I'm particularly happy with from both ends of the Swiss Ammo Age spectrum 1967 and 1911 respectively, which represent the both the nearly the earliest straps I've made (the oldest was dated 1899) and the last year (1967) for which this style Swiss Ammo pouch was manufactured. The thing that makes these straps special is the beauty of the leather. These pouches, manufactured more that 55 years apart, reflect the beauty that make this leather so prized for watch straps. The 1967 strap, made for my good customer Archie's PAM025, is a beautiful dark rust color which is showing really great patina coming from a pouch so young:

Here is the complete slide show:

The 1911 strap, made for my good customer Joseph's PAM372, is really a stunning example of the beauty of extremely well preserved vintage leather with stunning color and patina. While building this strap I couldn't help but marvel at the suppleness of this 101 year old leather:

See the full slide show:

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