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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Swiss Hides Vintage Chocolate American Alligator for PAM379

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Hi strap lovers. Here is a strap that we just completed this week for my very good customer Severin from Germany for his fantastic PAM379. It is a rare pleasure to build a strap for a solid gold Panerai and the PAM379 is a very special watch indeed and deserving of a very special strap. The strap featured here is just such a strap. Custom made for Severin using our beautiful Vintage Chocolate American Alligator from out ultra luxury American Alligator supplier - Swiss Hides, this hide has one of the most stunning finished I've ever seen. I've featured a couple of straps from made from this hide in previous posts, but I believe this is the fist to have not been given our exclusive "hand Antique finish", but is none the poorer for it. This strap is 27mm to fill the lug of the giant 47mm gold PAM, tapering to 22. photographed with a 22mm Panerai buckle, it will of course be worn with the solid gold buckle that come the PAM379. I think vintage chocolate color of the Alligator with pair beautifully with the gold case and tobacco dial of the big PAM. Richly padded and stitched with very fine dark chocolate 3ply waxed line thread. Severin has promised to send along some photos of his new strap and watch as soon as he receives it, and I'm looking forward to sharing them here with you when he does.

See the completed strap slide show:

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