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Friday, May 18, 2012

Black Swiss Hides Hornback for Hans

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Hi strap lovers, Here is the latest Swiss Hides American Alligator strap entirely hand made by us here a Dangerous9straps. Swiss Hides is an OEM grade Alligator supplier and are under contract with many of the High-end Swiss watch manufacturers as well as ultra luxury leather goods manufacturers and which are guaranteed fully humane and Eco-friendly both in the way they raise there animals and all throughout the tanning process. The impressive feature of the Black Hornback skin that I have from them is that the horns are extremely prominent, which has prompted me to develop a splicing technique. Splicing the hornback section with belly skin is an absolute requirement in order to have any hope of using a buckle with these straps! It's a bit of an art to match the general size and scale patterning of the hornback section and the belly section in order to make the transition look right and I think that's really watch separates the really great straps form those of lower quality. This strap is hand saddle stitched using 4 ply Ecru waxed Irish linen and lined with our super strong and moisture resistant Kangaroo leather to make this Dangerous9strap tough in fact as well as tough looking.

See completed strap slide show:

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