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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Photo of the Day: Formex AS 6525 GMT

Formex AS 6525 GMT on Handmade Natural leather strap:

(Click on photo to enlarge)

Pair American Alligator straps for two very different Tag Heuer Monacos

(Click to any photo to enlarge)

Hi strap lovers, these two straps are Dangerous9straps latest straps completed for the iconic Tag Heuer Monaco. While these straps have a very different feel due to the color finish differences, in may ways they share very similar design elements, which we think will highlight the beauty of this classic Tag Heuer design.

First up: Vincenzo's medium brown American Alligator fitted to the Tag OEM deployment. Using square scale American Alligator, squared strap end and square profile padding, it continues and highlights the squared theme of Vincenzo's blue dial Monaco. Hand saddle stitched with 4ply Royal Blue waxed Irish linen and lined with beautiful Deep Blue round scale crocodile, this is reflects the uniqueness and luxury of the highest quality handmade custom strap.

See completed strap slide show:

Second up: Robert's Black Alligator for Black Tag Monaco. Also using Square scale American Alligator belly, Square profile padding and even miniature square scales in the single floating, keeper, this strap reflects the attention to detail that is the hallmark of a Dangerous9straps. lined in black Kangaroo leather lining and finely hand saddle stitched with the subtly contrasting Charcoal Grey 4ply waxed Irish linen. We believe this strap will be a great match for Robert's black dialed Monaco.

See the completed strap slide show:

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Photo of the Day: PAM351

Panerai 351 on Tobacco Ostrich
Large gauge 7 ply waxed linen thread, Army Green Eel skin lining, upgrades 'D9' sewn-in buckle:

(Click to enlarge)

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Strap Design competition for Newly Arrived Revue Thommen Airspeed Instrument

Hi strap lovers. Here is my latest watch addition to my personal watch collection: Revue Thommen Airspeed Instrument watch. I really like this watch and have been looking for one for a while. I love this watch dial, which is a faithful copy of the famous Revue Thommen aeronautical instrument clocks. I really love this brand, it's very much a sleeper brand, not having the advertising budget of many of the larger Swiss watch brands, but has more that it's share of watch making history and can claim to be a true pioneer in building watches for pilots and clocks for aircraft. In fact Thommen Aeronautics is still very much in business and building clocks and other precision instruments and avionics for aircraft to this day. Many watch brands claim a heritage to the history aeronautics, but very few can prove up that link with actual instruments in the dashboards of both historic and current aircraft like Revue Thommen. Founded in 1853 and having had it's own aeronautics division in 1936 - they're the real deal.

Now for the Competition details: Like Dangerous9straps Facebook page and reply to my posting with your strap ideas by June 15th and if I pick your design to build for my new Revue Thommen Airspeed Instrument watch and you'll win a custom Nato/Zulu strap handmade by Dangerous9straps from a 1951 Swiss Army courier bag for the watch of your choice and with your chosen thread color!!!

See the complete slide show of my new RT Airspeed Instrument with my RT Diver:

Antiqued American Alligator Hornback for Bremont

(Click to enlarge any photo)

Hi strap lovers. Here is the latest Antiqued American Alligator, but with a difference: Hornback! This strap is build for my good customer Troy's Bremont MB2. This strap is a first for a couple of reasons. First, it's the first from our Dangerous9straps ' workshop in Antiqued Hornback American Alligator. Second, how that we offer slicing with belly skin on our hornback straps to back using a buckle easier, we can also offer to build a hornback strap to fit many Deployment clasps as well. This strap was designed to do just that. Additionally, Troy wanted extra width on his strap so was designed his strap with notching at the lugs and extra wide at the top then tapering it back down to fit the 19mm with of his OEM Bremont Deployment. lined in rugged black Australian Kangaroo leather and stitched using super fine hand saddle stitching with 3 ply chocolate waxed Irish linen thread, this strap has all the details of a true luxury strap, but with the rugged feel a Bremont watch deserves. I think this strap is going to make a very striking combination with his Bremont MBII

See completed strap slide show:

Sven's Nubuck shark In Dark Tobacco for PAM232

(Click on any photo to enlarge)

Hi strap lovers, When I was contacted about making a strap for Sven's beautiful PAM232 using Nubuck Shark dyed to match the dial, I was immediately inspired. The Panerai 232, with it's large 47mm case and Dark Tobacco brown dial and gold hands is an inspired design. Sven's strap is going to be a great match for his watch. This strap is made in true Dangerous9straps style with Nubuck Shark skin custom dyed a deep tobacco brown, hand saddle stitching with 4 ply chocolate linen and lined in soft and supremely durable Australian Kangaroo leather. At 27mm wide to fill the big Radiomir's lug and slightly tapering to 26mm to the mirror polished custom 'D9' Logo Pre-V style, screw in buckle, this is a real man' strap for a man's watch.

See the completed strap slide show:

Clinton Black Alligator Ecru Linen

(Click on any photo to enlarge)

Hi strap lovers, Sometime the latest trend is a true classic. Clinton's new Dangerous9strap for his Panerai is a perfect example. Black Alligator belly skin, hand saddle stitched in 4 ply Ecru linen, and for comfort and strength Australian Kangaroo lining. This a classic design with thick padding at the lugs and topped of with Dangerous9straps custom 22mm custom 'D9' logo, pre-V style, screw-in buckle. A timelessly designed strap for a for a classic designed watch. It doesn't get any better than that.

See completed strap slide show:

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sari's 1956 Swiss Ammo strap for BR-S

(click on any photo to enlarge)

Hi strap lovers. Here is the latest Dangerous9straps Swiss Ammo that I've particularly excited to share with you. It's a 1956 vintage Swiss Ammo strap build for a lady's BR-S watch and has been scaled down in both length and thickness to better suit a smaller woman's wrist. In fact even the size of the stitching has been scaled down so as not to over power the smaller size of Sari's strap. I think the Royal blue 4 ply linen looks quite stunning in combination with the beautiful rust color of this 60+ year old leather. This strap was design to be paired with the Bell & Ross BR-S Heritage and I think the combination will look stunning. If you've ever wanted a Swiss Ammo strap for a smaller watch, but questioned if it was possible to scale it right, question no more. Dangerous9straps can make it happen.

See the completed strap slide show: