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Friday, April 6, 2012

'SuperExotica' straps Exclusively by Dangerous9straps

Thomas' Black American Alligator Rally strap/Red Eel skin lining for Chopard

Vincenzo's Black Ostrich Leg for vintage Omega Speedmaster, Mustard Sea Snake lining:

James' Serpentine Ostrich leg, Classic Tan Eel skin, Super fine hand saddle stitched butterscotch linen:

Vincenzo's Antique Tobacco American Alligator, Nubuck Ostrich Leg Skin lining, Super fine hand saddle stitched in Chocolate linen

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Hi strap lovers, As many of you know at the end of last year Dangerous9straps began offering an upgrade option to our Exotic skin straps that is both exclusively offered my us and also what we believe is the ultimate luxury in hand made watch straps. Our 'SuperExotica' Series upgrade represents the pinnacle of our strap making and is the purest expression of design collaboration with our customer. The concept is to design a very special and perhaps one of a kind exotic skin watch strap. Using Exotic leathers for the outside and lining and using ultra fine saddle stitching. These straps are build (like all Dangerous9straps), using the very highest standards and represent our very finest work today with exotic skins.

Mike's Antiqued Swiss Hides Vintage Chocolate, Chocolate Giant Round Scale Crocodile, Super fine hand saddle stitching in forest Green linen:
Mike's Antiqued Swiss Hides Safari Tan American Alligator, Black Round Scale Alligator, Super fine hand saddle stitching in Charcoal Grey linen:
Our 'SuperExotica' Series has been one of our most popular design concepts since its introduction and certainly the one we are most proud to offer customers. As such we would like to share with you a sampling of some of the resulting straps. We hope that you can appreciate this work are being our very finest and perhaps will inspire you to contact use to design the luxury strap of your dreams. Our intention is to become famous as being the world's finest custom strap maker and through the straps offered with our 'SuperExotica' Series, we believe we are well on our way.

David's Sunrise Ostrich Leg skin, Smoke Grey Eel skin lining, Super fine hand saddle stitching with Slate Grey linen:

Paul-Louis' Charcoal Nubuck Shark skin, Mustard Sea Snake lining, Super fine double line hand saddle stitched in Soft Yellow linen:

Here is a slide show of many of the 'SuperExotica' straps we've made in the last severa months:

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