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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Thomas's Rally Strap for Tag Heuer Carrera Rally strap

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Hi strap lovers, Here is one of the latest in a string of complex Dangerous9straps that I'm looking forward to showing off. It's a Tobacco Ostrich leg skin Rally strap for my good customer Thomas from New York that looks simple, but there is a lot going on 'under the hood'. First, it's designed with a thick curved lug system to fill most of the room between the the straight spring bar and the rounded watch case to so should leave little of the gap that would normally exist with a standard straight strap. Second, the strap was to also have padding and the thick curved lug system in combination with the padding required me to install the tube to insure a clear path of the spring bars didn't collapse. Of course, the metal tube had to be shortened so as to not block removal of the strap once installed. Third, this strap was designed to work with Thomas's aftermarket Tag style deployment clasp, which required that I thin the strap to under 3mm thick where it interfaces the clasp. Fourth, getting the rally holes punch to just the right size and spacing required a keen eye and close attention to detail. Taken all together, it was a challenge and a lot of fun to see a these design elements come together well. I'm really please with the result and so is Thomas.

Here is the completed slide:

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