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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Swedish Ammo Nato straps for BR126

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Hi strap lovers, I wanted to share a recently completed Dangerous9 Nato strap for my great customer Simon Cudd, for his Bell & Ross 126. Simon is a long time customer and fellow strap junky (sadly no cure to this addiction) and is also the co-founder of BR-avo.com, which in my opinion is by far the best brand centered forum on the internet. He recently went professional and joined the Bell & Ross team as their online brand Ambassador. What's the saying: 'always try to make your living doing something you'd do for free' ? Anyway, I've had the pleasure of building several straps for Si over the last couple of years and so was especially please when he contacted me about a project for his new Cream dialed BR126. We were kicking around some details for a couple of straps, and since he decided to start with just one strap - a Nato, I decided to combine some of the design cues to both and came up with the Nato strap you see here made from the belt portion of a WWII era Swedish Ammo Bandalero, with bead blasted gunmetal hardware and olive hand saddle stitching. It's a real beauty and rally shows it's beautiful vintage character. plus, from what I understand, it's been a really hit with the brass at Bell & Ross, which is the best compliment of all. Thanks Simon for the use of you photos with the watch! If you'd like to see Simon's BR-Avo.com post regarding his new strap, here is a link: ' I like a bit of Swedish'

Here is the completed Dangerous9straps slide show:

Here is a slide show of Simon's photos"

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