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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Opas' 1933 German Ammo strap

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Hi strap lovers. I want to share a very special Dangerous9strap that I recently completed for my great customer Opas from Thailand. He as originally contacted me before Halloween about a German Ammo strap for his Panerai like the one I had made for Richard and had featured here with some of Richard's wonderful photos, as requested that I build his though, with custom hand tinted Military Green linen. But, as sometimes happens, life (in the form of flooding in Thailand) got in the way of his ordering. So I was quite happy and more than a little relieved when Opas contacted me on December 22nd to let me know he and his family were OK and that he was ready to confirm his order(I remember the date, because I remember having received him message on my i-phone while at Munich's famous Christmas Market and enjoying a very tasty Gl├╝hwein:-). Well hearing that Opas and his family were well gave us a reason to lift our glasses in celebration. Anyway the strap you see here is the result of a long Odyssey over many decades from pre-WII era Germany to my good customer in Thailand in 2012. I want to send a big Thanks to Opas for the gift of these great photos!

See the completed strap show here:

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