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Friday, February 17, 2012

2 for Kareem

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Hi strap lovers, here are a couple of recently completed straps for my good customer Kareem and photo for the the first one he's had the chance to wear. Interesting, he ordered one of our latest strap designs: the Hand Antiqued American Alligator for his PAM 320 and also one of my oldest design straps: Antique Mahogany with big 7 ply cream linen, that was one of our first designed straps and has been the foundation of Dangerous9straps brand. If find it to be a real complement that Kareem past up on the latest design and chose to mount the classic Dangerous9straps first (he said he did a coin toss, but whatever... the point is he's happy with both right;-) The Antique Mahogany "Nelson" straps was named after Nelson at Paneraisource.com who did a review a couple of years ago that has generated so much traffic and interest in this model. And even though I've been doing many
more sophisticated and technically complex straps since, I still love this basic, bold, classic design and it's one that I wear most often on several of my own watches. Plus, besides being a great design, the strap is build to last a lifetime. constructed with the highest quality vegetable tanned leather, the strap is a little over 4mm thick and stitched with our heaviest 7 ply Irish waxed linen thread. Kareem chose to get his with the upgraded custom 'D9' logo, 3mm thick vintage, flat sewn-in buckle, which has the heft to add the perfect balance to his PAM320.

Check out the completed strap slide show:

Kareem's second strap choice is one of our newest designs and a true instant classic from Dangerous9straps: Hand Antique American Alligator, with padding at the lugs, chocolate 4 ply linen thread stitched with a superfine hand saddle stitch pattern. This strap is all about traditional old school sophistication. Hand made and hand stitched like all Dangerous9straps, Kareem's strap was paired again my my exclusive custom 'D9' logo sewn-in buckle this time with a polished finish, this buckle has been beautifully made and finish with absolutely no sharp corners anywhere and looks like liquid metal. Kareem also chose to have his strap lined with our super durable black Kangaroo leather, which is a great lining both for comfort and durability, but also moisture resistance. All together it's a great combination and I'm looking forward to seeing a photo of it mounted to Kareem's PAM320 as well.

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