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Friday, January 20, 2012

Richard's Charcoal Nubuck Shark Skin on SAS

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Hi strap lovers. Here's a strap that I recently completed for my good customer Richard for his Dwatch, but as it turned out, has ended up living on his recently acquired SAS. I'm a big believer in Shark skin straps for diving watches, they just seem to "fit" together, sporty and rugged and with a lot of great character and texture that seems to hold up well with the beefiness of many diver watches and I think this SAS watch is no exception. This Nubuck started out from the GreyMoss colored Nubuck, but Richard wanted a charcoal grey instead and so, with a little experimentation I was able to achieve a color that worked just right. I think it looks very clean and sporty with the cream colored hand saddle stitching as well. This strap like most Dangerous9 Shark skin straps was ordered with Australian Kangaroo lining, which really works great with the shark, as it's very moisture tolerant and super supple. Thanks Richard for more great photos! You SAS is definitely my "Watch of the Week"

See the complete strap slide show:

Richard's SAS on Charcoal Nubuck Shark Shin by Dangerous9straps:

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