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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Thomas's Wakmann Pilot Chronograph on Black Ostrich

Hi strap lover's, I've been meaning to feature these great photos from my customer Thomas of his Wakmann Pilot Chronograph and his newly arrived Dangerous9straps black Ostrich Leg strap. The strap is very much like my own Ostrich strap, mounted to my own Revue Thommen diver, except that this is stitched with 4 ply cream white, waxed Irish linen thread. I think this makes for a wonderfully classic combinations with just the right amount of sportiness with the cream stitching. I think it's a real winning combo. Thomas, thanks for the great photos!

Wakmann: I love these micro brands, they add such a rich texture to the our world of watches and make life as a watch collector so much more interesting than it otherwise would be with just the majors. Wakmann watches is a fellow German brand, with a rich history, and so I would like to encourage you to have a look at what they're up to. Thomas say that he's very pleased with his Wakmann and that it's a solidly build piece!

Here is the complete slide show:

Solomon's Natural Leather strap for U-Boat Classico

(click on any photo to enlarge)

Hi strap lovers, We here at Dangerous9straps are proud to offer straps in just about any exotic skin one can imagine as well as straps made form 'TrueVintage' Ammo straps from Germany, Sweden, France and Switzerland. But, it all started with just leather straps. And not just any leather either: we use only the very finest top grain vegetable tanned tooling leather. We build each strap by hand and then dye each individual strap to our customer's request. We've developed extremely complex multiple stage staining and dying techniques that can make new leather look like it has been worn and lovingly cared for for decades. Except when we don't. And that's exactly what we didn't do for Solomon's newly completed natural leather strap you see here. Yes, of course is't been completely hand build to his exact specifications using the thickest naturally tanned top grain leather, but as per Solomon's request, we skipped the dye completely and let the beautiful leather shine through in all it's creamy glory! The leather will darken and mellow slowly with light exposure and over the years turn to a beautiful vintage tan. Stitched with our heaviest cream colored 7 ply, waxed Irish linen, it looks incredibly clean. Mounted with our upgrade vintage style, flat, 3mm thick, custom 'D9' logo, sewn-in buckle with a polished finish, it's going to look stunning with Solomon's U-Boat Classico. I hope Solomon sends along some photo when he gets his new strap on this U-Boat and if he does, you see them here soon.

See the full slide show here:

Latest 'Weekender Series' - Deep Black with Olive linen

(click on any photo to enlarge)

Hi strap lovers, I wanted to share with you one of my latest completed Dangerous9straps' 'Weekender Series' straps. Our 'Weekender Series' is made from lightly oiled Nubuck leather and is a more casual strap than the typical Vegetable tanned leather. It definitely has a more relaxed feel and it incredibly soft and supple. If comfort and a relaxed attitude are your first priories, the new 'Weekender' is the strap for you. This strap was built to be pared with the Benarus Mil Diver, with a green dial and I think is going to be a really great combo. The Deep black has a wonderful matte finish stitched with our olive drab, extra thick 7 ply, waxed Irish linen thread and has been matched with our custom logo 'D9' logo, screw-in, SS, Pre-V style buckle with a wonderful brushed finish.

Here is the complete slide show:

New Great Photos from Richard - Charcoal Nubuck shark skin on Steinhart, (Triton 100ATM DLC)

(click on any photo to enlarge)

Hi strap lovers, Here are some great new photos from my great customer, Richard for his recently arrived Dangerous9straps on his Steinhart, (Triton 100ATM DLC), arrived The strap is a custom dyed Dark Charcoal Nubuck shark with cream linen in an 'outstitch' pattern with a genuine Kangaroo leather lining. It's a very clean look and I think is a great combo with his Steinhart Triton and as you can see from these photos, the strap is extremely soft and supple. Richard, many thanks again for your wonderful and continuing supply of great customer photos!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Aaron's stunning Newly Minted PAM382 on 1945 Swiss Ammo

(click on any photo to enlarge)

Hi strap lovers. I've got a very special custom 'TrueVintage Series' 1945 Swiss Ammo strap by Dangerous9strap and a very special watch to share with you today. When Aaron contacted me about building a set of Swiss Ammo straps of his PAM382, he's not even received the watch form his local AD, but he was sure that he would be wanting a couple of very special straps for it. It took a while to work out the details and back logs being what they are these days he received his beautiful PAM382 before I had completed his strap order. Aaron's a patient man though and he confirms that this strap was worth the wait. This one is pretty special, which is fitting for such and iconic watch, with Irish waxed linen thread this I hand tinted to match the wonderful green dial. I think you'll agree that this is a one of a kind strap for a very limited and desirable watch. Wear it well Aaron and yours is Watch of the week!

Here is the completed strap slide show:

Here is a slide show of Aaron's watch and strap:

Richard's Charcoal Nubuck Shark Skin on SAS

(click on any photo to enlarge)

Hi strap lovers. Here's a strap that I recently completed for my good customer Richard for his Dwatch, but as it turned out, has ended up living on his recently acquired SAS. I'm a big believer in Shark skin straps for diving watches, they just seem to "fit" together, sporty and rugged and with a lot of great character and texture that seems to hold up well with the beefiness of many diver watches and I think this SAS watch is no exception. This Nubuck started out from the GreyMoss colored Nubuck, but Richard wanted a charcoal grey instead and so, with a little experimentation I was able to achieve a color that worked just right. I think it looks very clean and sporty with the cream colored hand saddle stitching as well. This strap like most Dangerous9 Shark skin straps was ordered with Australian Kangaroo lining, which really works great with the shark, as it's very moisture tolerant and super supple. Thanks Richard for more great photos! You SAS is definitely my "Watch of the Week"

See the complete strap slide show:

Richard's SAS on Charcoal Nubuck Shark Shin by Dangerous9straps:

Friday, January 13, 2012

Marty's New Black Alligator for PAM380

(Click on any photo to enlarge)

Hi strap lovers. Here is a strap is just completed this week for my great customer Marty for his Panerai 380. It's a Black American Alligator strap using the very best of the belly skin, using a wide dome padding at the lug. This a beautifully luxurious strap lined in black Australian Kangaroo leather and to add just a hint of contrast, Charcoal grey stitching. I think he's going to love it!

Here is the completed strap slide show: