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Friday, December 9, 2011

Hand Antiqued Caiman Leg Skin Strap for PAM104

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Hi Strap lovers. I'm excited to share a new custom strap built for my good customer Bobby from the US. I had built one of my very popular Tobacco Ostrich Leg straps a couple of months ago for his Monte Blanc and he had recently contacted with interest in a new strap for his PAM104. His original interest was for a Caiman Leg Skin strap in Cognac, but his timing was great in that I was in the final stages of development Dangerous9straps' exclusive new hand antiquing technique for American Alligator and Caiman skin. I showed him my samples explaining that I had been inspired to pursue the development of this after having been blown away to the new straps developed by Santoni for IWC's new Portofino collection. In particular the new Rose Gold 8 days/power reserve Portofino watch with grey dial - this watch was a stunner and the strap was by miles the best one my wife and I has seen at this year's Munich Time watch fair. In short order and after previewing my samples agreed that He would love for me to build him a Caiman Leg skin strap using the new technique. Bobby's strap has beautiful Charcoal accent stitching and lined in black Kangaroo leather, which is soft as butter and tough as nails and is build to fit his OEM PAM deployment clasp Here are the results. I think they are stunning. I just e-mailed Bobby a slide show of his completed strap, but I fully expect that he'll feel the same. If you are interested in having a Dangerous9strap built in Caiman or American Alligator for your favorite watch, don't hesitate to ask, I would be happy to talk to you about your options and work with you to design a strap that you'll treasure.

Her is Bobby's completed strap slide show:

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