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Friday, December 16, 2011

Black Hornback Caiman for BR01 Red!

(Click on any photo to enlarge)

Here is another one that I recently completed for Mark from the US. I'm really happy with how this Giant Hornback strap turned out for his limited edition Red BR01-94. It's a real beauty and I can't wait to see photos of it mounted up with his watch. This one again is lined with Dangerous9straps' black Kangaroo leather, which as you may know is one of the most durable leathers to be had (used in premius motorcycle racing gloves and leathers) and also very moisture resistant, so this strap should last a very long time indeed!

Check out the complete slide show:

Saturday, December 10, 2011

3rd in the 'Weekender Series' - Coco Brown Nubuck

(Click in any photo to enlarge)

Hi strap lovers, to celebrate the arrival of the first snow fall to Munich this year (it's a little sloppy for snowmen, but I'm hoping for a nice white Christmas), I'm introducing my latest in the 'Weekender Series' from Dangerous9straps. It's a heavier oiled version of the light tan strap that I've featured as the first in series. This is just a beautiful oil tanned Nubuck leather that it tough enough to withstand just about anything you can throw at it and also very soft and supple against your wrist. As I explained to one of my customers recently the 'break-in period' is however long it takes you to mount it up to you watch. This version is hand saddle stitched with 4 ply Natural colored "Ecru" waxed linen thread (available in many, many thread colors) and topped off with my beautiful custom "D9" logo Vintage style, flat, sewn-in buckle with a polished finish. All together its a fine strap and the extra oiled finish means that you needn't worry about a little water exposure - Perfect for winter!!

Here is the completed strap slide show:

Friday, December 9, 2011

PAM351 on Hand Antiquing American Alligator by Dangerous9straps

(Click on any photo to enlarge)

Hi Strap lovers, I wanted to share some great photos of a PAM351 on a newly completed Dangerous9straps exclusive hand antiqued American Alligator strap. These technique was inspired by the patina-ed Santoni watch straps made for the IWC Portofino collection . I think it look really amazing paired with the tobacco dial and gold hands of the PAM351. Additionally, this strap has been upgraded to a 'SuperExotica' series strap by the addition of genuine Eel skin lining and super fine saddle stitching using 4 ply Irish waxes linen thread. Overall, I think this is a wonderful strap and a stunning combination. If you are looking for the very best hand made and hand stitched Ultra Luxury watch strap for your treasured watch, please contact me. I would be happy to work with you to design and build a strap that you'll absolutely love.

Hand Antiqued Caiman Leg Skin Strap for PAM104

(click on any photo to enlarge)

Hi Strap lovers. I'm excited to share a new custom strap built for my good customer Bobby from the US. I had built one of my very popular Tobacco Ostrich Leg straps a couple of months ago for his Monte Blanc and he had recently contacted with interest in a new strap for his PAM104. His original interest was for a Caiman Leg Skin strap in Cognac, but his timing was great in that I was in the final stages of development Dangerous9straps' exclusive new hand antiquing technique for American Alligator and Caiman skin. I showed him my samples explaining that I had been inspired to pursue the development of this after having been blown away to the new straps developed by Santoni for IWC's new Portofino collection. In particular the new Rose Gold 8 days/power reserve Portofino watch with grey dial - this watch was a stunner and the strap was by miles the best one my wife and I has seen at this year's Munich Time watch fair. In short order and after previewing my samples agreed that He would love for me to build him a Caiman Leg skin strap using the new technique. Bobby's strap has beautiful Charcoal accent stitching and lined in black Kangaroo leather, which is soft as butter and tough as nails and is build to fit his OEM PAM deployment clasp Here are the results. I think they are stunning. I just e-mailed Bobby a slide show of his completed strap, but I fully expect that he'll feel the same. If you are interested in having a Dangerous9strap built in Caiman or American Alligator for your favorite watch, don't hesitate to ask, I would be happy to talk to you about your options and work with you to design a strap that you'll treasure.

Her is Bobby's completed strap slide show:

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

2 New Alligator "SuperExotica" straps from Dangerous9straps

Hi strap lovers. I just this past week completed 2 new American Alligator straps as part of the Dangerous9straps' 'SuperExotica' series. The 'SuperExotic' strap series represents the pinnacle of my strap making and is the purest expression of design collaboration with my customer. The concept is to design a very special and perhaps one of a kind exotic skin watch strap. Using Exotic leathers for the outside and lining and using ultra fine saddle stitching. These straps are build (like all Dangerous9straps), using the very highest standards and represent my very finest work today with exotic skins.

The First strap was designed in collaboration with my good customer Chris from Scotland for his Tag Heuer Monaco. He was kind enough to give me free reign to develop a design for this strap that was meant to incorporate the square design concept the his Tag Monaco. Using square scale American Alligator I designed his strap with square profile padding instead of my usual high round profile padding. I continued with this design theme by choosing small square scale Alligator for the keeper. My first thought was to use Royal Blue linen for the stitching, but I wanted to tie-in the white sub-dials and markers and so instead chose 4 ply Cream White Irish linen and stitched it using very fine saddle stitching. I knew I wanted to use a very special skin for the lining, and had a very special lining in mind that would pay tribute to the beautiful blue dial of the Tag Heuer Monaco: 'Deep Blue" Caiman Crocodile. Here I chose to break with the "square" theme of the strap and watch by using the very softest part of the Caiman skin - the Round scale portion, which is most suited to being used for lining. I think that strap turned out incredibly well and I really can't wait to see photos of it mounted to Chris's Tag Monaco. This watch is a really grail watch for me and one I hope to be fortunate enough to one day own. If I do ever own a Tag Monaco, I would want to wear it paired with a strap just like the one I built for Chris. Wear it well my friend!

The second strap I want to show is a newly completed black American Alligator strap for my customer Rey from the US. He had originally ordered a Dangerous9 exclusive Antique Mahogany leather strap for his Panerai 111, but after having seen of the exotic skin straps we've been doing decided to switch is order to 3 exotic skin straps instead. Among the 3 ordered was this American Alligator strap. It's a really classic, but with a twist: American Alligator with Cream stitching on the outside and with a beautifully polished custom "D9" logo buckle (that's the classic) and paired with stunning bone White, round scale South American Caiman crocodile for the lining (that's the twist). This is really a great looking strap and a real design statement by Rey.

Both Rey and Chris's straps are no doubt one of kind creations and designed in collaboration with me to create very special straps that are a pure expression our love of watches and the embodiment of bespoken luxury.

Here is the completed strap slide show for Chris's strap:

Here is the completed strap slide show for Rey's strap:

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Josh's Swiss Ammo for BR01

(click on any photo to enlarge)

Hi strap lovers. Here is a really cool strap that I made recently for Josh from the US. He'd wanted a 1940's Swiss Ammo strap and also incidentally has 9+ inch wrists. This was a bit of a math problem as these straps are only about 180mms wide and based on the limitations of the build by virtue of the location of the stampings I really had a very small area in which to punch the holes for the tang buckle. The solution? I made the short side about 100mm long! I also delayed the taper of the strap by about 5mms on each side to give the strap the same proportions that we mortals of normal wrist size enjoy about the BR01/03 strap design. Josh has also chosen to have his strap build with my recently arrived Vintage style, flat, custom "D9" logo sewn-in buckle, which was really designed with swiss ammo straps firmly in mind. The matte PVD finish is just about a perfect match for the black BR01 watch case and suits the proportions of his strap perfectly. Josh, Thanks for sending along the great photos! Your BR01 my Dangerous9 "Watch of the Week"

Here is the completed strap slide show:

Revue Thommen Diver on Black Ostrich/Charcoal Stitching

(Click on any photo to enlarge)

Hi strap lovers. Here are some photos of one of my personal and favorite watches - the Revue Thommen Diver all mounted up with a recently completed Black Ostrich Leg strap that I had on hand and decided that since I wanted to have a dressier strap to attend the Munich Time Watch Fair last month, I would commission for myself (this is how I acquire most of my straps - very rarely making any with intent purpose of wearing them myself). This one is a great strap originally intended for a Panerai and built with nice thick padding and Dangerous9straps' exclusive French lambskin lining and nicely saddle stitched with 4 ply Charcoal linen. It's got a very understated and sophisticated feel with just the hint of contrast in the stitching, which can only be seen in certain light conditions. I had built this to accommodate the PAM OEM deployment clasp so I'm wearing it with an aftermarket PAM style clasp, which I would not have thought to design for myself, as I'm a buckle man, but I find the deployment adds to the dressiness of the strap and is quite comfortable, so much so, in fact, that I have ordered a polished version to match the polished watch case.

Just a couple of paragraphs my Revue Thommen Diver - I've owned this watch for a couple of years now and have to say that it's been a really great watch. The ETA 2824-2 movement has been extremely reliable and the watch itself is built very solidly and at 46mm in diameter, is nice and big and has just the right heft. It's not as thick as some of the divers in my collection, and so to me wears smaller that a 44mm PAM or my Bell & Ross BR02, which are 44mm, but substantially thicker. The design in interesting as well - sort of a cross between a Rolex Sub (bezel and date mag), an Omega Planet Ocean (Arrow hands) and a Breitling Super Ocean Heritage (polished case and unprotected crown). Some have said the design suffers form the amalgamation of design elements, but I totally disagree. My personal take is that its individual enough that it doesn’t feel like a copy or a knock-off of any of them and yet has prevented me from succumbing from the urge to buy any of these 3 watches, since this watch seems to satisfy my needs for these much more expensive watches nicely. My only complaint was that the lume on the watch was really bad - really. So, since I knew the watch was a keeper, I sent it to be re-lumed with C3 Superluminova and now it glows very nicely.

Lastly, I have had this watch on the original rubber strap and OEM SS bracelet, a Stingray strap, a Dangerous9strap exclusive Antique Mahogany with cream stitching, a black Nato strap and now the Black Ostrich strap pictured here and I can say that with its classic good looks it has looked absolutely teriffic on all of them looks just as great on a casual strap as on dressy strap and seems to transform itself to each strap iteration with effortless charm.

Here is the complete slide show of the strap and watch:

Here is the completed strap slide show: