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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Beautiful gift from Ilan!! Itay Noy watch!!

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Hi strap lovers. I wanted to share with you all a beautiful gift and received as a surprise from my dear friend and customer Ilan from Tel Aviv. It's a beautiful Itay Noy "Identity - Roman" watch. An incredibly and generous gift. To say I'm surprised and touched is an understatement. I've admired Itay Noy watches for a while having first found them as a sponsor on Watchuseek, but I've never expected to have an opportunity to own one. Ilan is has also been generous to have his new Magretta Bronze watch send to me to have a specially built strap mounted and photographed (more on that in another post). For now I want to extend my thanks to him for the gift of this beautiful watch. Ironically, it was a strap for this very watch that he had originally contacted me to build a strap, thus began our interaction that has since development into a friendship that I cherish. The strap you see in these photos is the strap that I had originally suggested for his watch. Serpentine colored Ostrich leg skin with butterscotch linen stitching. This strap has been upgraded to a Dangerous9straps' ultra luxury "SuperExotica" series strap with Eel skin lining and superfine hand saddle stitching. Generously padded at the lugs and tapered to fit the Itay Noy OEM deployment clasp, I think it's just about the perfect combination for this watch. The Detailed scale patterning of the Ostrich holds its own with the elaborately etched dial, the Butterscotch linen picking up the color of the gold plated movement peeking through the semi-skeletonized dial. Elegant and casual. So much so in fact that my wife has begun to wear the watch, which I feel is the ultimate endorsement of both watch and strap. Thanks again Ilan for the fantastic opportunity to own the beautifully desgined time piece!!

Here is the full slide show:

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