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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Ilan's Grey Moss Nubuck Shark for Armida A1

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Hi Strap lovers. Here is a strap that I just completed this week for my friend and good customer, Ilan from Isreal. He found the Armida A1 based on my recommendation and then ordered a strap to match my own. We've development a great friendship over the last few months trading ideas about watches, watch straps and more importantly about life, so I feel a very special bond with him and am very happy that he ordered the same Armida A! "Super Dome" with Orange minute hand and that we'll be sharing the same strap combo. I think every time I strap on the Armida, I'll think of him over in Isreal perhaps doing the same. Anyway, Thanks to Ilan for his business and his friendship and I hope he gets as much enjoyment from his Armida as I have mine. Now for some great photos:-)

Here is the full slide show of Ilan's strap:

Here is a full slide show of my Armida A1 mounted on my matching strap:

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