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Friday, October 7, 2011

Custom straps for Bell & Ross BR02

(American Brown & Black Linen on SS)

Hi strap lovers. It's not secret to readers of this blog that I'm a an owner and big fan of the BR02 watch by Bell & Ross. I've owned my BR02 for a couple of years now and the firs strap that I make for any Bell & Ross was a strap for you own BR02. I think it a one of the best designs that Bell & Ross has done and one that doesn't get nearly the attention that it should get. I'm here to help hange that. Have a look at some of the many, many custom, all handmade straps, and hand stitched my yours truely. I've made BR02 straps in leather of course, but also many exotics including: Shark skin, Ostrich Leg skin, Caiman Crocodile hornback, Caiman Crocodile Belly skin and Stingray, and also Ammo pouches including Swiss Ammo and French Ammo. Here is where you come in: I would like to make a BR02 strap for your watch and I've also go a number of exotics and Vintage Ammo pouches that I've not yet done: American Alligator, Bullfrog, Cane Toad, Python, Nubuck Shark skin, Germany Ammo, Swedish Mauser pouches. If you'd like a custom, handmade and hand stitched strap for your BR02, click on the e-mail link at the top of my blog and let me know. I'm looking forward to hearing from you and to working with you to design and build a strap for your BR02 that you'll love!!

("Hero" on BR02 SS)

(Antique French Oak with bouble stitched Charcoal on SS)

(Black & Royal Blue on Carbon BR02)

The Big BR02 Show!!

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