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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Gary's Desert Tan Ostrich Leg for Ulysse Nardin Maxi Marine

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Hi strap lovers, here's a Dangerous9strap that I just completed last week for my good customer Gary from the US for his Ulysse Nardin Maxi Marine. This one had a few technical challenges, as he wanted to fit the unusual case fitment as the lugs and I didn't have the good fortune of having my own UN to model it from and also he wanted to use the Ulysse Nardin OEM clasp. Gary was able to give me very accurate measurements of this watch, strap and deployment, so I was in business. Also, please notice how I was able to wrap the Ostrich Leg skin over the lug cutouts at the top of the strap; I think I'll be using the technique on most of my exotic skin straps that have these cutaways where the skin offers that possibility. Also, this is my first strap where I've incorporated the new super soft French Lambskin lining, so not only will it look great on the wrist, but it'll feel buttery soft as well!

Anyway, he's got the 18k gold version of this spectacular time piece, just so you can imagine where this strap is going to live:-) Thanks Gary for your order and wear it well my friend!

If you've got a Ulysse Nardin or any other brand watch that could look great on custom made Ostrich Leg Skin Dangerous9strap, please contact me right way. Here is a list of my currently available materials and I'm getting additional leathers, Exotic skins and Vintage Ammo Pouches in all the time with which I hope to make you a strap that you'll love:

* Vegetable Tanned Leather,

* Ostrich Leg Skin

* Shark Skin

* Stingray/Shagreen

* Caiman Crocodile

* American Alligator

* Python

* Sea Snake

* Bullfrog

* Cane Toad

* Vintage Ammo Pouches form Switzerland, Sweden, Germany and France

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