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Monday, August 1, 2011

Gabe's back! With a new French Ammo for BR02

Hi Strap lovers. My long time customer and all around great guy Gabe, who's also my BR-avo.com forum buddy and fellow Socal guy (until I up and relocated to Deutschland), recently acquired a Bell & Ross BR02, which as anyone knows who's been following this blog is one of my personal favorite watches and the watch that set my on the path to making straps for Bell & Ross watches many moons ago when the earth was young. Anyway he's had this great Black French Ammo strap on hold with me for a while and finally decided that a new Dangerous9strap for his newly acquired BR02 from this great pouch would be just the thing. I think he's right and here are some photos of the result. Very understated with no stitching, raw edges and just this great vintage black ammo leather. It's a really good call on gabe's part and as always Gabe, thanks for your business and your friendship. I'm sure as soon as Gabe gets his hands on his new Dangerous9 French Ammo strap he'll be posting some photos on line and when he does, I'll be sure to post them here. Thanks for looking:

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