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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My New Armida A1 on Dangerous9 exclusive Moss Grey Nubuck Shark Skin

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When I received my new Armida A1 "Super Dome", I knew right away that I would benefit from a better looking strap. The rubber wasn't very comfortable in the summertime heat (yes, summer has finally reached us here in Munich). And, while I liked the black NATO/Zulu strap that came with the watch, I knew with the right strap this watch could be even better that it was right out of the box (or tube as it were). I wanted something exotic, so leather was out of my equation. American Alligator, Caiman Croc, and Ostrich Leg, while I love them as straps on most watched seemed way too formal on my "Super Dome". Stingray could be nice as it's from the sea, but it's too dressy as well. Shark! Shark is just the think. Black Shark could be very striking, but not distinctive enough. I wanted something unusual, with perhaps Orange stitching to bring out that great orange of the minute hand. I have a Nubuck Shark skin that I call Moss Grey that might be the perfect solution. Plus, since it's a shark skin that is exclusive to Dangerous9strap, I know that I'll be the first and in fact only person on earth sporting this strap combo. Can't get more exclusive than that. I thought about using my super soft French Lambskin lining, but I wanted to try out a newly arrived Kagaroo skin, which is extreemly tough, as this is a sports watch, I wanted to give it a super beefy look and feel. Click on the photo above to start the slide show and thanks for looking

Here is the complete slide show:

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